Yohoooooo! Top 1 for a main while! last day


the problem about immortal builds on ban league would be everyone would see immortal build items, lol


Lmao. Yeah that would be an issue. However if cheater managed to even make immortal build, well… That’s something else. It’s unlikely to happen and probably would only happen if immortal build was somehow leaked but that’s not gonna happen in terms of the odds. If they were smart, the odds of cheating and making immortal build sounds like nil.


Lmao Ban league more active probably because no immortal build there also :joy: :joy: :joy:
I already figured out almost all ultimate cheating builds,which actaully is easier than legit builds cleaning cuz you need not struggle in the hell of perfect pets.
Just 3 or a bit more accounts can make ban league unplayable—there will be no build can beat all of them.
So,if someone knows cheating tecnical wants to destroy ban league,please PM me.:blush:


Lol :blush:


Lol :clap::clap:


too much fierce


I like your ai settings @luisfsk and @Sachzna_Laparan


Yes! Your Ai too. And luis also.


I like everyone


XD . I like the state of the arena too and no cheating for a while. Maybe it looks dull but at least no cheater to ruin the day.


the auto ban help really well


i like kaizoku and sachna build :blush: need strategy to kill :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


strategy is the key