You know you play too much DQ when

Fill in the blank :smile:

You know you play too much DQ when…

  1. You hear the background music in your sleep

  2. when you know what a legend’s gonna be before you even pick it up :smile:


I can vouch for the second statement :smirk::slightly_smiling_face::wink:

cant relate at #1 always volume off lol

  1. When you’re tired of replaying level 101-200 for the Nth time…
    (silly exp cap!)
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I can definitely relate to number 2 and used to relate to number 1 before I started turning the noise off and as for number 3 I wouldn’t know about that since I’ve already reached level cap =P

  1. When your thumb tips have calluses

  2. When you have stress dreams about crafting a new build


You know you play too much DQ when…
1.) You start having nightmares of converting your build into crystals or some other weird dream like one I had where a maggot managed to get into the screen and eat up every crystal and got bigger until the phone exploded and other possible weirdest nightmare that bound to wake you up or if cloud save was corrupted or deleted.

2.) When you think of new builds everytime you see a combo, especially if it’s never been done before.

3.) When you keep on buying maps so much just to make sure you always get epic maps with over 600% luck, 150% pack size, 200% magic enemies, high quality and making sure you have absolutely called out on 1012% luck, gold find and 350% item drops (more if you go the epiphany (8) route).


I can relate to so many of these lol


When you get visibly upset after bypassing an epic affix you’ve been trying to roll cause you were pressing the confirm button too fast

And when you start to panic after you waste x amount of amethysts/obsidian without rolling what you want and worry you won’t be able to finish your build without another grueling farming session :dizzy_face:


You know you play too much DQ when…

You got 4 hours sleep Sunday morning…and that’s one hour more than you got Saturday morning…

You wake up in the middle of the night to see if you’re still in top 3 Eternal ( am I right? … or am I right? eh @Mr_Scooty :flushed: :joy: :smile: )

You consider buying a second home in New Zealand just so you can be the 1st to receive those new skins 'n boosts :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Bwaha - Sleep is overrated :joy:


You know you play too much DQ when…

You have one device dedicated to only Dungeon Quest and the DQ forum.


When i searched Eternal Aether Brace from 2 weeks ago and still not get it till now

spam thay map then use eternalized