Your 1v1 Toon (AI) Solo battle in 2v2

Just testing my 1v1 toon in 2v2 arena just recently.

@badass your AI setup need some change tho coz I also test it with some other team and they manage to fight back little bit causing my main toon (controlled by me) have to clean the mess.

About your AI I suggest u to make it more active coz most of time after it attacking, they just stand there making them 100% exposed to enemy turrent.

this thread are mean to help the other player to improve their AI Setup. If any of u have a any screenshot of your Hireling AI can soloing in 2v2 Arena. Post it here and give your comment about their AI, and what need to change. Even if it was mine please do, so I can improve my AI and give u more challenges and more fun.


No wonder you always kill me!
How can you deal so horrible damage?Your torrent nearly 20k deadly strike!Any defense is futile :sob:

Ignore HP stacking (due to my pet dont have flat HP) and i just focus on damage. :slight_smile: