Zero floor on leaderboards

One of my friends post this pic on our FB group saying he doesn’t have rank on leaderboards.


Thanks for posting this. I dont know how to post using an android device. This only happened after the patch.

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Do u check the ranking using new toon.? I mean character u just create and not play with it even once or just use it as hireling…? As I remember the ranking thing use the data from toon/character and not from overall

Okay just have my eyes look at second pic lol, I think your got removed from Ranking for cheating, or removed by mistake when dev remove some cheater from ranking, or bug eth eth. Have u try sent mail to support team.? Try ask them to look into it, and ask them if ur account got flagged eth eth.

No this is not a new toon. I hike using only my main hero, no hireling. Same thing happened to out friends icywarriors and xhie.

Okay I just check mine. And it show 0 too, no worries definitely a bug. Haha.:smile:

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I don’t use any form of cheating. A few testers can attest to that.

Even I have 0 floor

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Hey! Thanks for the information. Going to take a look into it.