My Quest is to be one of the best possible build crafter.
Active player since patch


Arena Id: CuzegSpiked (same name as forums name)
Edit: My IGN is now Xx_CuzegSpiked_Xx
Old IGN: xx_Gandalf420blazeit_xx and Xx_BlazeItGanDalf_xX

Device: I’m using the Samsung Galaxy S6 for DQ and it’s awesome! Previously used s3 mini and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 to play dq though. Also my S6 is rooted and custom ROM modified to play DQ fast and make my device last long! More DQ=Win. Newer device I used was a Oneplus 3 and another used , the Galaxy S5.

Favorite element: Ice because I like freezing enemies to their misery and slowing them down. The frozen set is AWESOME!!

I also want to impact the community whether big or small with my builds and help any player be better at the game. :smile: .

Achievements: First reached eternal league, first reached top 30, top 20, top 10, top 3 and no1 place.
Getting eternal ascension on at least 1 character, 100M+ gold, dealing some billion dmg, at least trillion poison dmg by luck (highest atm was 76 Trillion dmg but that was just luck, 1 trillion damage legit from a frozen set build.
Every seasonal vanity from arena +1 from season 1-3 possible.

Dealt 1 Quintillion dmg by frozen with a PvE build and got to PvP eternal league Division 1 season 3 quickly at 1st place.
Dealt up to 1M dmg PvP dmg to dummy. 2.15M to dummy.
Dealt 100k crit and 200k deadly strike. 300k deadly on dummy.

Goal: to be one of the best possible crafter, collect every single possible legend in codex along with finding every single eternal legend, every single crystal legend and every single eternal with crystal affixes. Gotta catch em all!

Got 5 eternal pets and over 20 legend pets. Loads of crystals spent fast.

Collected 50 or so legend chests, 1000s of epic chests, 20 eternal chests and about 500 rare chests.
Collected 1 eternal trophy so far.
Highest floor reached: 1428
Highest EXP gained: 586.851B
Highest Hero Points Gained: 2.147 (32bit integer)
Highest amount of legends collected: 26.4k
Highest EHP gained: 5.58M
Highest DPS gained: 2.581B
Hours spent: It doesn’t track from Google Play but over 1000 hours. I predict 1200 hours as of 02/02/17 . As of 18/06/17, over 1560 Hours. I have played 1 year 1560 hours . Probably 2000 or so hours but stopped playing since mid 2018 or so. And slightly more if you include Theorycrafting, reading forums for guides and tips.

Started Playing DQ at April 2015. Played sometime quit and join back after patch 1.8 came out. Created the Aftermath Build just before leech nerfed and PvP came out. I quit and then Joined back after PvP came. Then I got invested into battle arena and crafting builds. I still enjoy DQ to this day even if I left many times.