1.01M HP! Wow!


I was using Teleport, Storm, Taunt, and Comet. but I only used Comet when my Storm or Taunt slowed him down.


I’m finding ways to kill them. :joy:


that Match Victory sure looks good! lots better than Match Defeat! :crossed_swords:


Took me quite a few rounds of drawing; meaning +25% dmg to both players until one player can successfully kill one another :smiling_imp:

I’m actually quite proud of myself :joy: :heart_eyes:

Playing around with my pvp build lol


I know, took me about 10 rounds total, but I don’t have as many HP as he did, so around round 5, I started to worry about that +25% thing, I was hopping around a lot more that usual, which caused me to not keep him under my Storm as much as I wanted.


I met this guy before… if i can finish the build in mind i will melt him for sure next time


Ohhh saint flames i fight that before in 2v2 mythic league i kill that only once with all my procs apeared while firing comet of my wizard combine with ricochet if my rogue but most of the time i win just to killing his teammate and let the time end


1m hp is nightmare in division 5 and 6 ready to forfeit i cant kill them in 30secs.


You don’t need to kill it, you just need to draw.


every round, the damage you do goes up 25%, so eventually you can kill them. but that goes the same for them. that 1.01 million HP guy had low damage, but it keeps going up 25% every round, so eventually, he could 1-2 shot me if I don’t do enough damage to him and don’t dodge/block/heal enough. in my battle with him, my first 3 rounds were draws, and it took 7 more rounds to get 3 wins. I had low HP, and in the later rounds, I was getting worried about the damage increase and losing to some lucky hits from him.

Question: does the damage go up 25% every round, or only on rounds after a draw?


After each draw - damage increases 25%


i have kill this guy is season 3, in the
beginning of it, i waz in eternal league and he waz in mythic league, of corse that i have is build screen shot :smiling_imp: , and alot guys to that are corentetly in div 1 and 2 of eternal league, dont worry guys, your build’s is just to full my memory card whid someting don’t worry :imp: !!!


thanks @Mr_Scooty that helps a lot. that explains why the damage doesn’t go up when there isn’t a draw. I was wondering about that. I don’t get draws very often, but if I keep moving up in Eternal League, I will probably see it more often.


@Mr_Scooty I love the spaghetti western clip. My favourite is the final from "A few dollars more. "