1.01M HP! Wow!


today I decided to get to Division 6 and get a MMR of 1400+. after about 35 matches, I made it. Eternal League, Division 6, Rank 38, MMR 1407. I had gotten over 1400 earlier in the day, but then I lost 2 in a row, and it took me awhile to get back up there. one of my opponents had 1.01 Million HP. I was Teleporting around like crazy, but he kept following me around like a blood hound. 3 draws before I got a win, and then it was a total of 10 battles before I got 3 wins. man, did my fingers hurt. I am just glad his Warrior’s damage wasn’t as good as his HP. :sweat: :crossed_swords: I don’t think I can go any higher in Eternal with this Farm Build, but it sure was fun getting here. time to farm and make a PVP Char on one of my other slots.


Usually these build don’t have too much dmg reduction. Far as I remember, div 1 builds had about 300-500k with around 80% dmg reduction. Well, if you look properly, it’s like having 1.5M-2.5M HP and they do much more damage than an one-million hp build.


yeah, his heal and prevented numbers were low, but man, it sure was a lot of work taking him down. couldn’t stay still for a moment.


hahahaha, climb more and you will face alchemy builds. These are the real tankiness / healing pain.


@Golem this will be you soon. They better not laugh at your mule!


:laughing: x :laughing:. after watching him take out those guys, I realized that he must have +4 Multi Attack and +4 EAC on his Flinlock…I mean his Revolver. they were all down before he finished shooting! and yeah, my Mule :camel: may look funny, and have a funny name, and even walk funny, but he sure can carry a lot of loot out of the Dungeon!


Lol, while testing healing I stumbled across a 1m hp person



@Phreak nice, that is the guy I fought. his damage was low, which is why I was able to survive, after the 5th round, I started to worry that he could kill me with a lucky hit.


we just kept drawing, o had enough damage reduction and healing that I never had to worry but I also had no damage on that character so it was only draws :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


his build makes fun of new players :slight_smile: not a threat though


That build is paper against rogue (swap storm) and wiz ( skullshield storm). Keep playing in arena and you will know the trick on how to deal with these guys :wink:


30secs per round is not enough


I kill such build in 10 secs lol


i hate your wiz camper. my rogue cant get thru XD


hahahaha, there is a way to go even for rogues. It’s about using vault skill so fast that bullets won’t reach you before you kill me.


i tried that way. and its so hard. i killed your camper only once :joy: and everytime you show up i just forfiet to save time haha. can reflect affix kill that 1hp? im sure of cerebral vortex but i would ruin my build


U need the silence trophy and some reduc(armor/resists) so that u can survive his attacks after reflect takes effect. CV is your chance against his camper but then you will lose matches against bruiser / tank players :sweat_smile:. Thats also the reason why i will never reach rank 1. Unless a sudden op build will come to my mind :joy:


My build only become viable after CV nerfs. When CV triggers and goes after me, you’re already dead.


My worst nightmare:
500k HP
High DMG Reduction
1k Power
Monstrous AI