1.6 Ideas for improvement

  1. Crystals and mythstones need there own bag
    There are a lot of crystals and mythstones to collect but they take up a lot of space.

  2. If #1 is not added, make crystals and mythstones lockable and add ability to sell all if wanted
    Can’t use sell all without selling stones and crystals.

  3. When looking at the abilitys of a main/offhand item, show the mana cost of the secondary ability
    Just some useful info to have.

  4. Have imps toss items toward your character
    Often times if items are at the lower part of the screen he will toss them off the map.

  5. Merchant should have the items randomized after either killing the gate guardian or opening the bonus chest
    As of right now only finishing one of the normal base 200 floors refreshes it.

  6. The mythstone that has reduced mana cost should be reworded to -10% mana cost instead of +10%
    Could be confusing.

  7. Remove the tip in the loading screen that says Use reroll on the enchant scren to change a weapo’s stats and item level
    Enchant screen was removed.

8a) Ability to choose what type/rarity of item can go in a specific bag

8b) Lock a bag so that its contents will not be changed when sorting a bag other then itself

Troll. [emoji54]

Troll. [emoji54][/quote]

Lol, I pressed the wrong buttons before actually putting anything in =D. Updated

  1. You dont need so much bag space. 20 crystal 20 mythstones take up only 2 bag. And then you have 4 more stash.
    If this wasnt enough…

Problem is I have 1 stash per person for gear for other builds leaving 1 for 40 items? Also having 2 full bags taken up is really just cumbersome. If you wanted to have all them on one character then you would have to move all them to the stash then put them on another character. One might have to do this multiple times if you have a lot on the wrong character. Having to put crystals and stones into a stash would also just be a headache after a short wile.

Some of this wouldn’t be as bad if you could choose what type/rarity of items go in each bag. Also having a bag locked from being sorted in tandem with other bags.

I like the lock bag from being sort idea…

[quote=“illuriouz”]1. You dont need so much bag space. 20 crystal 20 mythstones take up only 2 bag. And then you have 4 more stash.
If this wasnt enough…[/quote]


I come from games like d2 where I love to horde items. Sticks having to find an item again to try a new build.

(6 characters with 4 bags of 20 slots) + 4 stashs of 20 slots = (6x4x20)+80 = 560 slots
20 MS + 20 CS = 40 slots

520 remaining slots for items = enough

Moving items from one character to another is very annoying after a short wile. If they add the ability to lock bags or would be fine.

Great suggestions korn!

Just a note that MS and CS do NOT auto-sell when you “Sell All” (even though they can’t be locked). This has been tested repeatedly by my (at least in the Android version) thankfully with 0 ill effects :smile:

Talking about stuff that could be a bit better could you put a “purchase map” button when you die on a map floor so you don’t have to remember to buy one if you die 2 times that would be nice.

Ohhh great feedback Zierham!!