1 HP Club

I have been tweaking my Reflect Damage Build recently, and a few days ago, I put in a 50% Glasscannon, and a few days later, got 100% Glasscannon. it is actually a Reflect Damage Mana Shield Glasscannon Build now. I am only using it to farm floor 110 while leveling up my Hireling Rogue, and then a Warrior Hireling. it is very weird having only 1 HP. not only that, I have been using my Blast more than my Storm, which works better with my Earthquake. I keep getting ideas for improvements on the build, as I am sure everyone wants a cool Reflect Damage Build of some kind. anyways, I just don’t think about the 1 HP I have, and just try to kill monsters and pick up loot, or I think I will lose my mind obsessing on my 1 HP.


Change you mh into Wand and use Fury resouces. (its a lil bit help:sweat_smile: )

the reason I am using Gauntlet is better damage for Reflect Damage with Redirect. I used Blast a lot when I first used Wizard, and I am having fun using it again. it sucks at long range, but since I have to get close to monsters for Reflect Dmg & Redirect to work well, Blast goes well with this build. I used Staff/Comet on my other Reflect Damage Build, but what use is Reflecting damage if you kill all the monsters before they have a chance to be Reflected to death? I am beginning to discover that if Reflect Damage isn’t being utilized often, then it is a waste of space. another thing with my 1 HP build is I am having to rethink how I look at builds and craft them, so this time I spend leveling up my PVP Toons has been a great learning experience. haha, I was looking at my build yesterday, and realized, oh no! if I have 1 HP, I don’t need Harmony on my hat! thankfully, I didn’t have it, but I sure was worried for a moment. I did have to change 1 or 2 other affixes because of the 1 HP.