1 Year Anniversary with Mythic Steiger


I got my First Year Anniversary Badge today. my first Post was Slimed by Steiger, a little story of how I met the Mythic Steiger Slime for the first time after I got the Accomplished Perk. that was a little over a week after I joined the DQ Forums. well, last night, I met Mythic Steiger Skeleton, and even though the Build I have isn’t my best one, it only took 2-4 seconds to win, a lot better than the 30+ seconds it took to defeat Mythic Steiger Slime.
I have learned a lot about playing DQ from the posts of other Players, and I am still having fun Crafting Gears, Battling in the Arena, Farming for Loot, and Climbing Floors. and I also learn a lot from sharing with other Players what I have learned, or maybe what I don’t know, and we all end up having even more fun.
Many thanks to the DQ Forums Community, the Mods who watch over us, and the Dev’s who keep Dungeon Quest fun and fresh. oh, and the Game Testers who work tirelessly to keep the bugs from invading the Dungeons of DQ. :wink:


Congrats on 1 year; may many more come!


@Golem congratulations pal :slight_smile::moyai:


I think @Golem should be a DQ2 tester