100% blind resist vs blind immune

Sorry for the cluster fuck of questions, but are these essentially the same thing?


Yes but a recent patch changed it from blind immune to 100% blind resist. So in arena its 60% blind resist therefore its not so easy to be immune to everything

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Appreciate the info man! Can you get frozen and stun resist from a ruby?

Yes. From Ruby you can obtain Blind, Taunt, Fear, Stun and Frozen Resist. (I’m not 1000% certain on Fear).

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I can confirm fear.

Thanks man!

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immune still better that resist

You can’t get immune per say anymore can you? I mean pve is 100% so its immune and pvp with 2 your at 120% witch would be immune but the stat won’t say it anymore I think?

Resist is just a chance not to work on you even if you have 500% it will only reduce the chance to work immune never work on you