100% empower vs 30% ms

So im thinking which damage multiplier is better here

100% empower cos Ms is 30% only not 45%.

But if you have 45% would it be better?

Why not both?

I also have glasscannon barbarian and push the limit and other affixes

so im out of slots

I prefer Empower, if you choose Move speeds you will have to need three of them in total of 45% MS with 3 slots.

50%empower is enough for me .
I just wondering why you need that high damage.Farming at floor2 for pets,you only need teleport / luck / eternalized.Farming at high floor,CB% hit frequency and larimar crystal play the main role.

How do you farm at floor2?

Aftermath build with 1012.5luck 650eternal drop 350item drop
Just shatter shatter shatter

No i mean why are you farming on floor 2

To kill enslaver fast in small map.

You use chall map or no?

Will try chall map after getting second eternal pet :grin:

Is Eternalized cap 650% ?
Hey @Mandelbrot can you show me your full equipment on hunting eternal pet? Cos I’m a little bit confused of mine.

We most can get 700%ete drop from 300%perk+50%8ete set.But I replace one ete to ep set to have 1012.5luck cuz luck will increase legend pet drop.Ep also increase item drop to 350%(5ep main role+5ep hire) to bring me more ete item to convert.(Still earn ultra rare crystal in floor2)
No technical build,putting 2 * mentor proc+10%all proc(dont need to roll 2
25%) to make shatter loop via aftermath.

you’re using the monster spawn boost right? cause i tried it earlier and you cant buy chall maps on floor 2 just discovered it lol

5min monster boost from feat 30000orbs(3750*8)/watch video is golden time,I can kill 30 enslavers or so.But main pets drop is from normaly kill.If you realy want eternal pet,buy the 0.99$ monster boost is a good idea,but I dont like play that 1H like working.