100% push the limit or 400% explosive

Hello all,

If I already have 50% barbarian, glasscannon, and push the limit and I have one affix spot, is it better to add another 50% of one of the three aforementioned buffs or add a 400% explosive buff (which would otherwise be at 0).

For reference I have 1x element damage and 1x elemental crit damage and am using twister and guided arrows. This is also for floor 2000m3 and higher.


Push the Limit x 2
Barbarian x 1
Element DMG % x 4
Elemental Crit DMG x 6
Glasscannon x 2

And finally after you made it to combine this affixes even 3k floor m3 you can hike without pain in @ss

So no 400% explosive?

Explosive deals 400% MH (800, 1200, … with each additional affix). So it is only worth it if you use a lot of those to create damage spikes… For really high floors.

Take Twister for instance, it has 400% MH as well. So 1x Explosive is way worse than Twister. With 100% PTL you have 2 slots invested and get 800% MH Twister out of it.

If you have 2x Explosive you have 800% MH Explosions, but only in 5% of the cases. PTL is better in this case.

Only if you go up to 3-4-5 Explosive you’ll deal higher damage in spikes as with Twister continously… So if you need spike damage as a backend to Crushing Blow, Explosive is great but only if you have enough of it. In all other cases (lower floors, greater spikes with normal attacks due to Deadly Strikes etc. etc.) Explosive is a wasted slot.

I would only use Explosive if I want to deal massive spike damage with low damage skills like Ricochet, Guided Arrow etc. (mainly primary attacks, that is).

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Thanks that makes sense.

200 weaken
1x ptl
2x gc
40 primary skill
Execute dmges (set affixes and legend affixes)
When you have this youll destroy pve and you can hike floors easily.

What is gc?

Then there’s hero points too. 2400% MH at 40 Twister and more hits while big sized Twister.
Even then , you’re right that 800% MH Twister generally better than 800% explosive since Explosive has that 5% chance . Explosive best suited for primary skill and fast attacking/hitting skill to trigger often and spike .