12.44 M Dps Warrior gear UPDATE+Screenshots

My Warrior`s stats:

12.44 M Dps (when moving, otherwise just 4 M Dps and with a pillar of power activated)
2.3 Attacks per second
30% Crit Chance
31% Crit Damage
13,3% Attack speed

299 points into Power

Unstoppable Force 35.4 k Dps +1 extra attack chance

Jouster’s Horn 3250 Dps

Epic Armor +4000 hp, Phalanx 4, 15% Crit Chance, Hardend 1, +7% total Hp, the 6th affix got removed in the update (should be 70% CDMG)
-Stonecold 20-

Angel’s Might +5% Crit Chance, +1300 Hp
-Might 20-

Azure Pendant
-Wrath 20-

Stone of Nadroji +130 Hp regen

Epic Imp 1% Hp leech, +1900 Hp, 30% Crit Damage, 1,2% Mp leech, 5% Dodge

Skills and Talents:

Hardend 8
Might 27
Zealous 34
Wrath 27
Stonecold 22
Phalanx 6
Frenzy 10

The key item here is the Stone of Nadroji, found in a Challenge map Lv.182 Ice. With better armor and a better affix on the Stone I could go even higher, possibly using the Necklace of Nadroji if I
ever find it.Also Frenzy is never in effect since i can not make enemies bleed, missing 10% extra damage.

Seems nice, but without any screen or video, it’s kinda useless, because dps shown isn’t that revelant from the power of someone ^^
Many people deal more damage at 300k than people with 5m, it depends of many variables, like procs, etc :smile:

Stats after enchanting an Epic Armor with screenshots




Damage numbers are without activating a power shrine, I have around 4m Dmg through Wrath alone which helps a lot with ice resistant enemies because Wrath is not affected by that.
Level shown is 181 mp8, perfect level for gear and leveling up a wizard.

Resized Screens could be nice :stuck_out_tongue:

Zealous on Stone of Nadroji… you lucky bastid :stuck_out_tongue: (I’ve been searching for exactly the same thing for weeks… mine has Clarity :frowning:)

But in general, the ‘DPS’ rating doesn’t really say a whole lot. I think an Ignis time-trial says a lot more about the effectiveness of a build.

Using nearly the same build you have (‘8M DPS’ due to my Nadroji), Ignis ep8 takes nearly a minute.
Using a ‘4M DPS’ Ice build (no Spell Sword), Ignis takes about 20s.
Using a ‘1.5M DPSPoison build (yes, Poison!), Ignis takes about 4s.

Still, nice gears. The helm has a bit of potential for improvement, though (maybe consider a Stone Helm instead?).

To be honest, I do not consider this a perfect build either because you just die far too easily. Most enemies kill me instantly, especially those ice resistant ogres.
Since I am currently building a mana shield wizard I have my warrior hired, for climbing past floor 200 he is useless in my opinion. That or I am just too stupid to use him correctly.

If trading is ever implemented one of you can have my gear, would like to see what is possible with it.

p.s It took me the better part of two hours to get the photos resized, I am not that technically versed like some of you.

Dibs on that ring :smiley:

IMHO, Crushing Blow and Frostbite does hurt (let’s say on both main/offhand), buffed by Hardened and Blessed, you’re good to go.
I’ve been looking for this kind of gears. so far I got only Frostbite 220% and Crushing Blow around 20%, I’m still paper thin, dang.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Lances give a very broken DPS rating with Spell Sword. For example, equipping a Sword which is ‘obviously better’ than any Lance will report a much lower DPS. My speculation is that Lances are ‘hard-coded’ to increase the DPS rating by 3x (because Charge deals 300% damage), even though this doesn’t apply when using Spell Sword.

There’s a similar problem with +Attack Chance and +Extra Bolts. With Spell Sword active, +Attack Chance will increase the reported DPS, even though it shouldn’t, and +Extra Bolts won’t increase the reported DPS, even though it should.

umm, +Attack Chance is +Extra Bolts for Warriors, so I dont knw what you mean by your above contradictory statements.

I think that Lithius mixes something up and believes that when you have “Spell Sword” active “+ Extra Bolts” should give you in this case more DPS , while you kinda “act” like a wizard now, when “Spell Sword” is active.
But Lithius, don’t forget that you play a warrior, in his case "+extra attack " will increase his DPS. One can see this as a bug, on the other hand it’s all right and only a bit confusing.

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As you mentioned previously about how your warrior dies far too easily, that’s pretty much true with any damage build. I try to pad that problem with teleport on my mage that does ~12M per hit with twister. Although it’s slower, the best build for climbing past floor 200 would probably be a balanced build. It would be slow, but it would be a lot easier to navigate to higher floors. If I get serious about playing again, I may do a defensive build with only a few damage boosts.

I hope you do, nice seeing you on the forums again :smile:

I hope you do, nice seeing you on the forums again :smile:[/quote]

+1 :wink:

Thanks! It’s nice to know I’m welcomed with warm comments! I’ll probably play on my days off, which isn’t often, but I’ll do what I can for testing and answering questions on here.

M@ssey if u like watch my videos about cosmic power set :stuck_out_tongue: im almost inmortal with it :stuck_out_tongue: