1st time DQ player; Rogue Flintlock build help

Just keep every legend you get, and wear/equip what boosts your stats…

That’s what i did in my first 2 ascensions

I like this build

Keep every legend I get, uhh and why is that? And thanks for the quick reply btw.

And regarding your 2nd reply, so I need to create a tank while hireling the rouge and farm?

I mean, keep every legend that is for rogue and also if you think the item fits your current play style

I think it works even without a tank /solo
Since flintlock has a massive range

Oh ok. I see. So how about crafting and stuff? Or is not that important at my current level?

Save crystals for later…

Read this if u have time :slight_smile:

Thanks! I already read this, but the jargons confuses me. xD

Some quick tips :

-Look for items with use full Set affix ( the green one) like Frozen,Permafrost,Adventure,Pathfinder…

-Some must-have affix : Multi Attack/Extra attack chance,+All Set,+Ricochet,dodge ,%damage,%element damage. U can use Explosive for AOE damage if not get Frozen yet.

-If u r strong enough, use farming Set like Mythology,Crystalize,Eternalize…

-Salvage the Legend item u don’t use for dust, use dust to craft Legend or Eternal Legend u need.

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Oh god i completely forgot that salvage legends is possible haha sorry

Love your profile Baba :slight_smile: :parrotcop: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: .

Those affixes, Im still at awe lol… those are the additional stats right?

Its hard to obtain those at a very early lvl just farm and keep those items that seem to make ur build powerful ( it doesnt even need to be legends as mentioned) keep crystals and dont go spending them if you dunno how it works. Read the codex too for additional info.

Reminder : not all the info in codex are right.

Here maybe u could read this and understand more.

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Thanks @deathGG

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Always glad to help :blush::blush::grin:


Those affix for increasing your “fire-power” so you can wipe out mobs of enemies AFAP :smile:
For the beginning, get 4x Extra attack chance, Explosive so u can fire bullet spreadly and burst AOE damage.

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Thanks @unholy182 what i got was those Multishots, and +1 atk chance, while on propulsion. i got like 1-4 bullets firing. is this ok? Im currently lvl 45 atm

The cap of multi attack are 4 so u can have maximum of 5 bullet fire at once :wink: U can modify ur item with Shaphirre crystal, change the useless affix to the one useful like damage, crit chance, crit damage :smile:

Flintlock is nearly the best farming weapon at the beginning, just dont forget to add AOE effect by Explosive affix or Frozen Set.

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when u find thus kind of item

save this, u can never have this item if u convert or salvage this

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Craft? :joy:

drop bro, just like this

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