1st time DQ player; Rogue Flintlock build help

Hi guys! New player here 2 days ago! I’m currently playing as a rogue with flintlock; level 35. Ricochet main skill. Loving it. Farming at epic difficulty.

Posting 'coz I’m a bit overwhelmed reading posts in this forum and I’m confused lol. Hope someone could guide me on this kind of build, what items to obtain, where to find, and that crafting (im super clueless about that).

Thanks in advance and this game is awesome!

Just keep every legend you get, and wear/equip what boosts your stats…

That’s what i did in my first 2 ascensions

I like this build

Keep every legend I get, uhh and why is that? And thanks for the quick reply btw.

And regarding your 2nd reply, so I need to create a tank while hireling the rouge and farm?

I mean, keep every legend that is for rogue and also if you think the item fits your current play style

I think it works even without a tank /solo
Since flintlock has a massive range

Oh ok. I see. So how about crafting and stuff? Or is not that important at my current level?

Save crystals for later…

Read this if u have time :slight_smile:

Thanks! I already read this, but the jargons confuses me. xD

Some quick tips :

-Look for items with use full Set affix ( the green one) like Frozen,Permafrost,Adventure,Pathfinder…

-Some must-have affix : Multi Attack/Extra attack chance,+All Set,+Ricochet,dodge ,%damage,%element damage. U can use Explosive for AOE damage if not get Frozen yet.

-If u r strong enough, use farming Set like Mythology,Crystalize,Eternalize…

-Salvage the Legend item u don’t use for dust, use dust to craft Legend or Eternal Legend u need.

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Oh god i completely forgot that salvage legends is possible haha sorry

Love your profile Baba :slight_smile: :parrotcop: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: .

Those affixes, Im still at awe lol… those are the additional stats right?

Its hard to obtain those at a very early lvl just farm and keep those items that seem to make ur build powerful ( it doesnt even need to be legends as mentioned) keep crystals and dont go spending them if you dunno how it works. Read the codex too for additional info.

Reminder : not all the info in codex are right.

Here maybe u could read this and understand more.

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Thanks @deathGG

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Always glad to help :blush::blush::grin:


Those affix for increasing your “fire-power” so you can wipe out mobs of enemies AFAP :smile:
For the beginning, get 4x Extra attack chance, Explosive so u can fire bullet spreadly and burst AOE damage.

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Thanks @unholy182 what i got was those Multishots, and +1 atk chance, while on propulsion. i got like 1-4 bullets firing. is this ok? Im currently lvl 45 atm

The cap of multi attack are 4 so u can have maximum of 5 bullet fire at once :wink: U can modify ur item with Shaphirre crystal, change the useless affix to the one useful like damage, crit chance, crit damage :smile:

Flintlock is nearly the best farming weapon at the beginning, just dont forget to add AOE effect by Explosive affix or Frozen Set.

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when u find thus kind of item

save this, u can never have this item if u convert or salvage this

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Craft? :joy: