1st time DQ player; Rogue Flintlock build help


drop bro, just like this


Ah yes… crystal affix :sweat_smile:


Actually u can craft Eternal Legend with Crystal affix, but u need to be very lucky :smile:


u gonna waste too much dust to get like that


Unless you have crystalline (5) lol. It takes a bit of luck and dust but it does eventually happen.


Last thursday ive created another account because i cant download my original account due to bad connection. I dont have hireling nor any charm but in just 3 days im already in floor 347. In my opinion, plague set will make your character overpowered if there’s so many mobs around you. Try to find item that has plagued set and change all your weapon element to poison


Plagued + Druidic + Equality, good combo :heart_eyes:


i got crystalline (6) and eternalize (6) cant find legend crystall but in converting items i find some ruby and amethyst. is there a floor that drop legend crystal neither u have or u dont have a crystalline set


@spongee27 that’s a killer! will do save/find and hopefully lucky enough to have that drops!


Yes, some of my items are into the plague set. and I also got those leeching hp & mp item so that I wont be bothered loosing mana lol


Its really hard to find rare crystal drops even if you have crystalline sets. But if you want to increase your chance on finding rare crystals, floor 500+ is your floor to go to. The best way to ensure good rare crystal drop is to max your eternalize gear, buy the egg looking crystal everytime it is available and last is converting eternal items.


Better yet, craft a 50 dust eternal item and convert it. Or why not bpth?


Yes. Its also a good trick


Yeah floor 500 AND crystalline. Crystalline dramatically makes things easier, especially at legend maps.


Eternal glinting splicer, the pick up radius…



Crystalline increase crystal rarity by 37.5% at (5) and floor 500 is +5 Tier Rarity.

I think 500% Crystal Rarity on legend maps or 1000% on eternal maps is similar to Crystalline but I wouldn’t say they work like + Tier Rarity. Still, the gains from legend maps are so good at floor 500.

Crystal Rarity % from legend map and Crystalline can also work for crystal dropped from feat and probably the same for converting eternals. Tier rarity comes on what floor you get and crystal rarity is all around.

Edit: I think crystal rarity % probably slightly influences tier rarity in legend/ eternal maps.


I’m still trying to digest of what you guys been talking about lol… so far I’m enjoying my rogue-flintlock and at the same time, bought my 2nd char for a tanky warrior.


Just get used with the basic first :smile:
The first goal is to reach floor 200+ and get Ascension for helpful perk :wink:


And what is Ascension? Sorry for the noobness


You’ll gain a useful perk for your hero. It costs 5m gold on first ascension and increases by 5m every time you ascend ur hero.