1st time hireling ideas

hi guys have a good day…i just got my 1st hireling(warrior) and im curious of what shall i build…does luck on gear apply on hirelings too?and how to level up fast your hireling…does nadrogi set affect in hireling?what affixes shall not use in hireling but in main should? I have a rogue main thanks in advance mwaahhh !

if you want to level up your Hireling really fast, just put 6 Quest on it, and the other affixes Health, Armor, Resist, lots of healing and some movement, and let the Main kill monsters fast. you can just use one set of level 1 Equipment. you only need to level up on floor 100 or a little higher, as experience from monsters stops going up at floor 100.

don’t put these Sets on Hireling. Nadroji, Eternalized, Crystalline, Mythical. these only work on the Main Character.

if I remember correctly, for Farm Teams, you need Luck & Item Drop on both Characters, and Gold Find only needs to be on the Main.

hope this helps.


Thanks @Golem !!!

A different approach is to create a build so powerful that you dont need an hireling

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I was thinking a few days ago that at some point while Climbing Floors, a Character will have reached the maximum DPS possible, and at that point, adding a Hireling could double your DPS.

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@Golem what about a tank hireling and a powerful main

when Climbing Floors, the higher you go, the less useful HP, Armor, All Resist, and Damage Reduction become, and the more useful Dodge, Block, Miss Chance, any kind of Movement, Sanctuary, Crowd Control, and Kill First become. Perma Stealth & 100% Block Builds are useful on higher floors also.

maybe have Hireling be the main damage and the Main be the Crowd Control. like Ice Main to Freeze & Frostbiting and the Hireling Shock or Fire & Blistering for tons of damage.