Out Already?

Though I’m confused, was the major update supposed to be 2.0.1 or 2.1? Haha, anyway, I’m gonna update later at home, don’t wanna waste precious data. Lol. Wonder what those gifts are tho. Hmm :confused:


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read the update discription. they said starting 21 dec or something they will send 2 chest. Holiday Armor Chest and Holiday Shoulder Chest. Its a Free Holiday Character skins!! Holy Shit…! It gonna be awesome. hope it will be santa outfit…!! Shit shit im excited.!!! > Done updating lol.

@SteigerBox and the Crew. Thank you so much…! :blush:


Freebies are always nice! :yum:

Thanks to Shinybox team for such a wonderful game.


No doubt DQ has a great team an a awesome support. I deleted just about every game I use to play. An the unused space is staggering lolz. Thank you DQ for this unique mobile game that u have brought to the world.


I can’t wait for holiday skins! Hopefully they’re really good :wink: . I still wish 2.1 came out though because I really love mythic 3 farming and a revamp to it doesn’t hurt. I think the battle arena update makes every update more exciting now that you can get stuff from messages. The dungeon quest developers are no doubt amazing at satisfying players tastes and promoting skill/ creativity towards players such as me. What’s even bettter is they explain as much as possible about mechanics to clear out some confusions so we get on with our builds as well as them responding with amazing feedback or tips. Credits to developers for the best RPG game in mobile gaming history ( I like to exaggerate) and may I wish them a merry christmas and a happy new year as well as good luck to making the game widely known to the world. Hopefully we can eventually get a large community that loves the game. This game brings the joy of the good old rpgs I use to play and that’s why I love it. If it has a plot though, I am sure we will love it. The plot should be for new players to understqnd the idea of the game in the future and the story can be based from floor 1-20 or 1-200? I’m gonna keep farming to make my ultimate build and have a merry christmas @saintwave

I can not enter the arena 2vs 2. version

Do you have hirling? If you do and it still dont work, talk about this in support topi or email shiny box games.

1 vs 1 arena can enter, but the 2 vs 2 stuck loading continues

Hey! Change your main char and try it again. If it doesn’t work, please contact our support: support@shinyboxgames.com

Hi. I already finished the mythic 3 200 floor how can i get more floor?

Challenge maps is the only way

I hope those would make my wizard look like Santa Clause. Exciting gift :smile: