2.2k MMR in 1v1


I can Get the 2.2k MMR in 1v1 league.


go for 2,300 MMR. enjoy your arena adventures. :smiley:


Ppttt😂 I think is that empossible. Hhmm😏 I’ll try.


its Possible @MAGDALO. i’ll show you or you show me? :smile:


Mmmhhh :blush: 2,300 MMR in a few minute that I observed with you.


I’m creeping towards you all very slowly :sunglasses:


Good job.


Haha i reached 3000MMR once. Though that was ages ago, certainly not in this season. Still that mmr is nice.


Ohh @CuzegSpiked well return. Hi’.:raised_hand::blush: