2.3 suggestion/bugs/comments

Good day after the recent new patch der has been a lot of noise about the patch some are bugs/complains/suggestions. so i decide to make a separate thread for those thing
so if u have bug to report/comments/suggestions regarding the recent patch feel free to post it here.

as for me 2.3 gave spark to the game overall it was pretty good. i just have a liitle concern on some area

  • salvaging/comverting crystals
    i think its better to let us input the number of crystal we want to salvage/convert cuz i accidentally left click the arrow upon clicking
    convert (1000pcs) (5m+gold) happened to me 3x lel. cuz i in 2.2 patch when i left click it der will be only 25 quantity of production. its good idea but its waste of gold and crystal if u accidentally do it cuz u wer adapted to 2.2

-the eternal reward back item for reaching top3 seems to be bug to other players some players didnt received it (iclimb to top1 the other day now im on top3) still no eternal back item(green)

  • energy mythic not working properly my base stat w/ full energy is 3.61-5.99M but when i tried using spells to reduce my energy%. the current energy% left after is use is arounr 10-25% energy only but my base stat dmg is stil the same didnt inc. the lesser ur energy the greater the dmg inc is the new mechanic of energy right?(correct me if im wrong)

Goodthing now we got more reason to farm on higher floor since the new item now drop 800-1k floor

just a suggestion what if u inc the droprate/GF/luck for certain floors in order to give motivation to players to hike floors example

floor 1000-1300 additional 25%luck/Gf/10%droprate
floor 1300-1600 additional 25%/10%
things like this will be rewarding to those who work hard on floor hiking since dey are facing much tougher mobs

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So you need to have depleted EN before cast. If you have 100% EN then use a Special with push the limit 100% to get to 10%, you will get no boost as you started at 100%.

That is why it was a free 100% DMG boost before. You were always at 100% before casting.

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@Clogon isee thanks for clarifying

All Resource Mythics work this way. I am sure that if you filled the Fury Bar then used a Special at 100% Fury, you’d expect 100% DMG boost instead of 50% after cast. Else, it would just be weak.

maybe the dmg inc is just not indicated in stats bar(not sure what to call it)… btw the dmg i posted was my base stat dmg on stat page not dmg deal on mobs. i check if der are change in my stat page upon having 100% energy compare to 10% energy no change at all

fury dmg inc only apply to special skill right?
energy dmg inc is overall?(not just on skills)

All Resource Mythics only apply to manually casted skills. This is why they do not show up on the stat page. IE: if you have Mirror Cast, Specialist, Mirage, Trickster or a proc, they will not be boosted.

EN, Alchemy, and Bloodmagic affects all manually casted skills.

Fury affects Specials.

Discordance affects MH skills.


That is a nice suggestion, but maybe have it start at lower level, like at 200, and increase it by however you want it, 2.5%/2.5%/1% per 100 floors? That want at floor 1k you would have close to your 25%/25%/10%, what do you think?


@Violetisfat ya its a better idea hope the devs would take this idea

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