2,4K MMR, and a Cheater, plus a piece of my build

Mission aborted.:no_good_woman: :no_good_man: :ok_man: :ok_woman:



toss in some good internet losses…


I had lost two matches to the internet with minus ~40mmrs each.

Really pisses me so I had to stop homie.

@NUIQUE well done you :wink:

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Thanks @dickwad :facepunch:

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@NUIQUE Internet losses get all of us. Try to not fret over those. They make up more than half my total losses. They really sting a lot if you go through a 15 rounder win 3-0 but the internet cheats you.


Man. Your screenshot really looks ridiculous.

I wonder what will come out of the chest you won on that match.

A pet skulldraga maybe?

Thanks @Mr_Scooty

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Lost connection is the biggest enemy,
And that my poor warrior :crazy_face:

awesome.:slowparrot: @NUIQUE


Thanks @HawkEye!

Very good ai you got.

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Maybe some day I will get there :joy:

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You can do it…
in less than a week’s time
from where you are ma frend! :facepunch:

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Your very optimistic :yum:

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No Thanks!!! That’s Freaky!!! :rofl: x 10!!!

and the next pic looks like you cut that Wizard in half with your Mystical Slicer! caught him looking the wrong way. :eyes:?



I sliced him in half while he was looking away.

Then all things went wrong for me. The match was added to my loss and -40 somethin mmr because of our mmr disparity that time.


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dang what a pro

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Wow. An ancient player.

I play again but I’m here in hard league.
Now I join a count of 2.4kmmr history.