2,4K MMR, and a Cheater, plus a piece of my build

there you go… thanks to all my everyday allies specially to @Mr_Scooty :eyes:

and also caught this little kid who passes the DQ security loop. please send this into the depths of oblivion.

and as i promised…

another piece of my gear…


@kiane_zaine. Hahaha. Just had a match with the char. above. I was was delighted someone new finally appeared from the match making loop. My wizz says he’s tougher than the average immortal.

Woow. Ayos. Thanks @kiane_zaine for another valuable specimen. I’m soooo crystal broke now though. :gem::anguished::anguished::anguished:

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@NUIQUE you use MP Regen? Energy Mythic on your wiz?

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@kiane_zaine . No I do not use energy mythic on him/them. Got to keep them firing constantly while I am out of Arena like this dude:



That’s a lot of points @kiane_zaine. Lot and lots of points.

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No mp regen, either.

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no problem. :slight_smile: @NUIQUE

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@LINKS yes. the image i posted above. that warrior.



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Congrats partner.
Your the best rouge in game.:wink:
Like manny pacquiao


@HawkEye :+1:

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His pet has legend affix.

@kiane_zaine My new atchieve 5k win’s victory🎉


@NUIQUE a leach build ? ( Not that I know how to do one) . I tried hp and mp on attack. Doesn’t seem to much.

No. Do not go leech builds @dickwad. You are correct. It does not do much if you are referring to pvp.

The affix spaces are better spent on something else - skill pts., armor, etc., depending on your build.

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@kiane_zaine, as you requested…

Broken! Haha.

@dickwad @HawkEye @Golem @MarveLouz

Cheers amigoes! :corn::popcorn::fish_cake::fried_shrimp::dango::doughnut:

Dear competitors/allies,

If you show some love😗 guys by not chewing off my mmr after a few hours I am going to come back and shoot for 2.5kmmr!!! (That is if I will not get busy afterwards)

I hope @Mr_Scooty will not mind that I stay up there for a while… :thinking: with that mmr intact and untouched of course.:joy:


@NUIQUE hell yeah! but im the first one. so congratulations homie. did i hear 2.5k mmr?


Thanks @kiane_zaine!

Yeah. You heard it right homie.

I’ll shoot for 2.5k afterwards if there will be no disturbances.

You know hard it is to +mmr when the mmrs around you are all tapered down.

@NUIQUE i know what you’re talkin’ about. just keep fighting til’ you reach +1 MMR only. even you fought and beat the 2nd spot. thats the hardest part. take a deep breath and focus, concentrate. you can do it.



Yeah homie. Thanks.

I already had plenty of:

+0mmr when I win😣

-31mmr when lose😣

That is sad because only some understand… haha

@NUIQUE yeah yeah… you lose a bunch of MMR if you lose.

but if you win. you won nothing or a piece of MMR. :rofl:

worst is. the force close/unfortunately dungeon quest has stopped. happens to me countless times when im trying to catch 2.3k MMR way back. :smile: AKA MMR Giveaway.

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