+2 all set VS bonus set

Hello guys.

1 - Crafting my second item and I am wondering if it is normal that my +2 all set dont give me my bonus set?

2 - If yes, does it mean that all aftermath build have to use aftermath only piece to get the 150% or they is other option and hope ; ) to get as much dmg without bonus set.

3 - Also does + proc % stack when they are the same proc from 2 different items?

4 - If I use the crystal to remove a stone from a socket, will I get the stone back in my inventory or it is lost ?


1.Yes it is intended. If you want to activate the Bonus Affix, you must craft your set affixes in different gears, ie if Permafrost Bonus you must have Four on each one of your Gear.
3. I am not quite sure, but if you have one master socketed in your gear and two procs in your gear with the same name, then you gain only plus 10 percent for that proc. Again, not sure. But Im sure that Master only works on Procs that has “Proc” on its affix name, and does not work for others like Terashaper and Scoundrel.
4. If you use Garnet, then yes. You will have your MS and the socket. But if you use Quartz, then no. It will disenchant the MS and the socket.

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Thx Hiro !