2 multi attack or Skilled Mythic?

Are this thing gives you the same volume of damage right?

Multi Attack gives you an extra attack or extra damage (depending on the Skill) of 50% for each MA. so +4 Multi Attack is +200% damage. this will take up 2 spaces of two +2 MA. it doesn’t show up on your damage but will show on your DPS.

Skilled Mythic increases your Primary MH Skill by +50%. it only takes up one space. haven’t used it yet so don’t know it if shows up on DPS or not.

if you ever use Discordance Mythic, your Primary & Special Skill get switched, so the Special gets the benefit of Multi Attack. but Skilled Mythic stays with the Primary that becomes the Special.

using a Staff, Meteor would get +200% damage from +4 Multi Attack while doing 100% of Weapon Damage. Comet would get +50% damage from Skilled Mythic while doing 750% of Weapon Damage.

if you do 2 MA or 1 MA & Skilled, that is 3x damage. 2 MA & Skilled together is 4.5x damage.