2 package purchases not recived

Baught the angelic package for my female rogue and for my male wizard I got the elementals package and neither has been received. I also purchased gold and 2 pets and some items all received fine.

I don’t want refunding I do want the product sent to me. If this isn’t possible a refund so I can try re purchase is ok. End game I want the 2 packages I love this game in my first hr of playing. Nice 1 guys

Read this:

[quote]To do a restore on any Account information including characters, items, IAP, or anything else, please follow these steps:

[ul][li]Email us at support@shinyboxgames.com[/li]
[li]Provide us with your DQ Account email ( we don’t assume your forum account is the same as your DQ Account, and we would like to avoid you posting emails on the forums )[/li]
[li]Provide us with as much information about your account and what’s missing. This will help reduce the amount of questions we need to ask![/li]
[li]Wait until we contact you back to choose “Download” on your account ( and don’t “Upload” unless we ask )[/li][/ul]

Emailing support is the fastest way to get your Account back up and running. Contacting developers directly through PM or forums is much slower ( we’re often busy working on the game :smile: )[/quote]

Sorted thank you