2024- Professional hireling + Pvm - Max Adventure - floor 8k +

2 Warriors.
Main Char:
Two ways: Max Adventure and Defensive skills. Cold and Lightning. Fast Walker with knightcharge and charge.

Hireling: The great killer. Fire and Poison. Time to kill:
Orange Boss: less than 4 seconds.
Red Boss: less than 10 seconds.
Purple Boss: les than 20 seconds.

Maps: forbidden enemy heal.


I Will post slowly, so, wait until week end. Main char:
Natures: 3x greed ,2x luck 1x whatever.

No Power (hireling kills) No health (1hit dies) Full energy/mana
Main char. Main hand:

Shock dmg is USELESS.
Ratius may be +10 or +10.0 but any other item must bem +5 (not +5.0) or your ratius Wil be 27.9.

OH is scoundrel , Shields give +10% block and BLUE affix gives 45% . Total block 55%.
Aetherial drain + 2 red affix 30% elemental critical + 15% paralise + 15% freeze. 100% freeze + 100% paralize +50% slow + taunt +storm.

4x 100% storm proc Lightning + Ice taunt.

Double Nadroji. Higher enemies = higher Crystal.

Crystal helm

Epiphany amulet

Cosmic Power is only for total mp%.

Main char is the SHIELD!

TELEPORT = charge
TAUNT = storm proc 100% with paralize 100% freeze 100%, stun 30% fustigate, slow 50%, knockback (storm).

And is focused on ALL Adventure stats.

Lets talk about the Big Star! HIRELING!

FIRST: configuration:
Never use toss or cleave. Only storm and torrent. Storm is KNOCKBACK defense and for Max hits TRICKSTER!

1- He dont need damage. JajajajajajajaJajá
2- he dont need critical jjajajajajajjajajaja
Because you have a Lot of hits. You only need 1 x fire critical for crushing Flames, but If you hit 63737828277373782 fired times, 10% critical chance + 2x death Nature = 15% critical chance, the enemy Will bĂŞ fired fast!

Poison cloud same: have 2seconds internal cooldown. Same for cloud!!!

Hireling Natures: 4x luck 2x death.

Resource System? 250Mp hit from pet!!!

2x Power, 1xmana

Talents: fanatism + bulwark

Equips: focused on hits: mirrorcast, specialist, Double damage, elemental, i focused on “hit hit hit”. +4 Aoe spells makes dif. For Torrent hits

My pet is upgrading now, he is elements + Poison dmg

Professional Hireling open the way for Full Adventure main char.

Cya 2024…


And once again! I’m trying to copy this build :joy:xD

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If you dont got “less than 4 seconds” rule for Orange Bosses, talk to me! This build have a Lot of hidden calcs.

Example: never put “mirror imagem proc” or your TRICKSTER Poison infinity storms Will be fire!

Hire Mythics : sanctuary , cosmicorb and enigma.

Cosmic orb is to Activate fire 15% critical (storm from hireling is “auto cancel”, but on TRICKSTER clones are insane).

Enigma helps fanatism TELEPORT and leave an crater that gives a Lot of hits… Nova dont do this…

A Lot of hidden calcs… I worked hard…

The consequence was what was: INCREASE dmg and critical chance are USELESS.

Hireling: Removed 25% taunt proc, add +5000 weapon dmg + on shield.

Remove 25% taunt proc and added +5000 Poison dmg amulet.

I’ll try my best to copy it xD

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Removed both +5000.

Added : red!

Blistering 100%
5% explosive

Now the Orange Bosses are 2-3 seconds .
Red are less than 8 Seconds. Purple remains + - 20 -22 Seconds.

the +5000 Weapon Damage is useful if you have one or more Legend +100% Elemental Damage.

having 50 or more points in Power Stat make having Epic or Legend +100% or +200% Weapon Damage very useful, especially when using 2 or more Legend +100% Elemental Damage.

+5000 Elemental Damage is only useful for PVP Builds or if you are going for a maximum damage type build for PVE and actually have space for those +5k ED affixes.

by the way, damage is never useless. if it was, anything that causes damage, like the Blistering and Explosive affixes would be useless also.

also, are you talking about how crit chance and crit damage don’t show up on damage and DPS on the Stat Page for Skills?

glad to hear your build is getting better!

Thank you.

This build is about the Killer Warrior Hireling.

Im talking about How fast This build kill Orange, red and purple Bosses.

For This build, DAMAGE is USELESS.

-100% blistering. (Red)

+10% bleed chance (Orange.).

I dont know the reason, If Its because of Poison Torrents… But the 10% BC makes It fast.

Orange enemies = less than 3 Seconds.

Red enemies less than 8 Seconds

Dungeon 8800

Sorry my low english. I dont speak

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on your Poison/Fire Warrior, you need 1 Legend +30% Elemental Critical or you can’t cause Immolate for Crushing Flames to work.

the thing that is making your Poison/Fire Warrior so powerful is the +25% Double Strike with the +50% Mirror Cast & Specialist. the Bleed from the +10% Bleed Chance is giving a lot more Damage/DoT, especially with Double Strike giving a change for some of the Bleed Damage ticks to tick twice. Double Strike is also giving your Fire & Poison DoT’s a chance to do damage twice also.

having a chance for 9 Torrents causing damage at the same time with a 25% chance for a hit to hit again is devastating.

you might want to test it, but I think Reflect Talent requires at least 1 Legend +250% Reflect Damage affix to work.

the way the Poison/Fire Build is, it kills with very high DPS in spite of low damage, so is a really good build. I usually go with high damage and then add affixes for DPS, so this gives me new build ideas for the future.

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Mr Golem, Confirm If 15% Critical Chance dont cause immolate and Poison cloud? Because with a Lot of hits we dont need elemental Critical. Ok? (10% Critical + 5% Natures)

Im testing orb + trator + apocalipse -1 crushing Flames…

Critical Chance is only for doing Critical Damage. every one starts with +10% Crit. Chance and +50% Crit. Damage. Crit. Damage affixes are added to the +50% Crit. Damage, so if you have +350% Crit. Damage on your Equipment, your total Crit. Damage is +400%.

Epic +15% Elemental Critical Chance is required to cause Immolate, Toxic, Orbit, Freeze, or Paralyze. this is Element specific, so if you have a Fire Weapon, you would want at least one Epic +15% Elem. Crit. Chance (Immolate).

Legend +30% Elemental Critical Chance takes up less space than the Epic affix, and can be used for multiple Element Builds, like your Poison/Fire Build. if you wanted to use Epic Affixes, you would need 1 each of +15% Immolate & Toxic (for 2 spaces total), but only 1 space of the Legend affix to get +30% Immolate & Toxic for both of your weapons.

putting Hero Points into Storm gives it +0.5% Elemental Crit. Chance per Rank.
Rogue has a Skill called Coat (there is also a Coat Proc affix) that gives a higher chance to do critical and elemental critical chance.

not sure about any other Skills or affixes that give improved elemental crit. chance.

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I want test immolate and Poison cloud. Damage isnt usefull here. HIRELING kills red Bosses with 8 less Seconds.

I tested Aetherial Drain vs Second Crushing Blow. A. Drain negate the 250 mana hit from pet. A.D. dont work on Poison hits for now, mana empty…Any % mana Leech on This char loses to 250 mana hit epic. Same for Second Crushing Blow. It kills normal Monsters with 1 hit, mana empty. And dont do a good job against red/Orange time.

I Will try orb proc+ reactor too.

Thanks a Lot!

I Will test again… Added elemental Critical and i hás an great surprise:

Orange less than 3 Seconds (remains)
Red 6 Seconds (-2 Seconds)

But purple = 35 Seconds (+15 Seconds)

??? Without cloud and blistering is better than … I Need more test…

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Thank you Golem. I cant believe now… I created a Monster…

I Will explain with images:

Orb proc 100% rather than cosmic orb. Reactor and Cooldown.

Twister rather storm.

Ascendent rather than elements.

Now i have a Twister mirror specialist Double dmg+ TRICKSTER. Orb proc 0,2 cd with Reactor and tornados. EVerything becomes a rainbow and Killer. Most beautifull than an red Green


This orb deserve 100% proc!!! Enigma and cosmicorb eliminated


I Will change the First POST. Putting finished HIRELING . Thanks you Mr.Golem for help on talking and on elemental Critical. Now is the end version of HIRELING:

Pet is Upgrading only.

Nature 4x luck and 2x haste or Dodge.

Rainbow HIRELING! Ascendent only protect and makes more beautifull. You can Terrashape or Crushing Flames…

With Ascendent protection (30% freeze + paralizes on a Lot of chances) you may try empyrean vs sanctuary. :japanese_ogre:

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:+1: awsome!

Wow, that’s a lot of billions! :face_with_monocle::exploding_head:

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the Teal numbers are from Crushing Flames & Crushing Blow, that Purple number is from his 10% chance to do +50% Critical Damage. he doesn’t have Deadly Strike, which would be Teal numbers that are double the amount of the Purple Crit Damage numbers.

Edit: basically, the very high attack frequency with all the Skills causing Crushing Flames & Crushing Blow is what is getting the enemy HP lowered fast to eventually be finished off with the very low damage of the Skills. Mirrorcast with Specialst and Double Strike, and with Fire, Poison, and Bleed DoT’s giving more chances for Explosion, tons of DPS from CB on top of the Damage from Crushing Flames. very nice build.


I Will try some modifiers like Mr. Golem Said (deadly strike), and Empyrean amulet + Ascendent. But for now: The base is that.

This HIRELING freed the main Char for Max Adventures.

Thank you guys, i love This game.


Deadly Strike only has a chance to work when you get a Critical Hit.

if you have 10% Crit Chance with 10% Deadly Strike, that comes out to 1 hit out of a 100 is a Deadly Strike. the way your builds are now, going the Deadly Strike route would mean huge changes in your build. right now, the way your build is now, you might be doing just as much DPS as a Build that went with WD%, ED%, +60% Crit Chance, +60% Deadly Strike, +350% Crit Damage. the fact that you are melting Epic+ monsters fast is the proof.

Empyrean is +50% Dmg to attacks that cause an Elemental Critical. one thing I have just now thought of is… after an enemy becomes immune to Elemental Crits after getting hit by 5 Elemental Crits, can they still get damaged by +50% Dmg from Empyrean when there is an Elemental Crit? in the first case the enemy will only get the +50% Dmg 5 times, and in the second case the enemy will take +50% Dmg from any Elemental Crit, whether they are immune to them or not. I’ve always wanted to test this, but haven’t. there are only a very few builds I have thought of that I would actually use Empyrean on… that +50% Dmg on an Elem. Crit is pretty awesome!

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