3.0 bug.DQ mod please see this

3.0 bug
Hey guys I just found a bug in 3.0 update.I straight up went to the fourms made an account and writing this so this is my second post as no one read the first one.The new update contains pet crafting that means you can add crystals to the pet.It takes 5 crystals for example flourite I use on my weapon it consumes only one but using on pet will take five.I had 1flourite and tried to change my pets affix it showed Apply:Reroll stat on Epic slime for:5flourite I clicked ok and rerolled the affix and it rerolles it with 1 flourite.U guys be like who has 1 flourite everyone has more and having more consume full 5 flourite.Definetly but if u keep all of ur flourite in shared stash and have no flourite u salvage or convert and make 1flourite and use it without losing ur flourite in shared stash.Please fix guys.

Waaw awesome trick! Lets abuse this before they fix it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Lol abuse :-1:

Agreed I test it a while ago, and also all of Crystals that can be used on Pet has a bug.
Amethyst, Flourite, Kyanite, etc… Put 1 to 4 Crystal (Convert or Salvage) in Shared Stash any Slot then use it… even if it is 1, 2, 3 or 4 crystal/s you use, it will consumed…
And one more thing this bug is nothing (for me :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:) I have no time to salvage or convert crystals 1 by 1 . Tahahaha


Please see this. :blush:

Yup, dis true

u know dat was a sarcasm rite :sweat_smile:
judging by how it works, aint nobody got time for dat


Read again carefully bruh :slight_smile:

Read again the post carefully bruh :slight_smile:

This bug is already reported many times. Ive heard this bug since the beginning of update

We will get an update patch together to address a few issues, I think this is one that is being addressed. I am running a bit slowly this month due to some issues outside of my control.

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