3.0 crushing blow

Can someone tell me what affixes can and cannot boost crushing blow’s damage?

There is no affix/affixes that can increase DMG of Crushing Blow.
Crushing Blow have 30% chance to takes 25% of enemies HP. If you want it to become Crushing Blow more effective/powerful use Set Affixes like Crushing Flames and Electrocution.

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Why sometimes “DEADLY” appeared also sometimes with a crushing blow’s color ?

Does Deadly strike works on crushing blow ?


In my Opinion Deadly , Crushing Blow colors are the same because they were trigged. Like Elemental Crit DMG also same color and bleed etc etc any that triggered are light blue green color (dunno what exactly name of the color *)

if your enemy has 1k hp, you will deal 250 only or 250 + your actual damage?

Nope. Same colours but not the same actual thing.

Crushing blow is unaffected by everything , except Crushing flames and enemy rarity.

Deadly Strike same colour because that’s how the game shows it a lot of the time but deadly strike is a beefed up version of Crit damage. With 350% crit damage, deadly strike doubles that so your damage can be ×2 more powerful than Crits and 7× more powerful than no Crits. . With brutal, ×3 more powerful than crits and 10× more powerful than no Crits at all.

Explode also happens to be same colour but it’s just the effect of Explosion or so.

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But what about the magenta colored dmg?

Does the 400% explosion can trigger crushing blow?

Yes I’m pretty sure.

Crushing blow and deadly strike are the light blue?
Then what is the purple ones?

Crits. Also weakened happens to be light blue too but as I said, nothing except crushing flames and rank of enemy affects crushing blow.

Although there was one time when crushing blow affected poison critical damage but that time is gone now I believe.