3.0 frozen orb reactor build πŸ’¨πŸ’¨

nvm. thank you for this.

the magenta one is mythic right?

It’s orb with reactor and frozen with permafrost can definetly go up to mythic 3 2000+

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Nc build!

I have no clue on how to make mythics my self.e.e


I can also make a Frozen orb build with Quadrillion Crititcal

Cool build. You’ll have higher crit dmge if u have rage set since u have crystal affixes, crit chance and crit dmge.

Oh nvm. U already hve that 150 crit dmge in ur pet

I just focus on my BASE DMG so Crit DMG won’t be my problem anymore and I think 225% Crit DMG is already enough

I reached septillion with my rogue discordance orb reactor build or more. It’s crazy but I couldn’t capture the number.

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Why only 20 Orb Skill ?

Would that significantly increase my damage? If I add +10 orb?

Yes. If would increase your orb MH damage by 50% . That’s pretty huge. +20 means Γ—2 the Mh% . 40 hero points means orb will be 3Γ— more powerful. Not just that but increased hit frequency as well. +10 means 10% increased hit frequency. +40 means 40% increased hit frequency. The higher the hit frequency, the easier it is to defeat enemies.

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Well done build. What about a gameplay?

Don’t have rooted phone

Ahhh ok which affixes should I change to put + 10 orb on?

LOL, who said you need a rooted phone to record videos?

That’s not the case anymore lol. That was way back in the past before free recorders such as AZ Screen Recorder, Google Play recorder and more come out. Also internal phone recording with game launchers game tools or some other phone screen recorder
It was probably like that on old android versions though and I did have old android versions . I struggled to even screen record without root back then but when I find that AZ Screen Recorder is compatible as well as game launcher, Google play and YouTube gaming recorder , I was glad lol.

@CuzegSpiked Pode me mostrar a sua contrução ?