3.0 frozen orb reactor build 💨💨


This is a simple build it hits quite hard​:sweat_drops: Biggest crit was 5 trillion… With that being said enjoy​:smiley::smiley: ps I’m not good at explaining things so if you have any questions regarding this build or any tips on improving this build feel free to show ur opinion​:bug::bug:



nvm. thank you for this.


the magenta one is mythic right?


It’s orb with reactor and frozen with permafrost can definetly go up to mythic 3 2000+


Nc build!


I have no clue on how to make mythics my self.e.e




I can also make a Frozen orb build with Quadrillion Crititcal


Cool build. You’ll have higher crit dmge if u have rage set since u have crystal affixes, crit chance and crit dmge.


Oh nvm. U already hve that 150 crit dmge in ur pet


I just focus on my BASE DMG so Crit DMG won’t be my problem anymore and I think 225% Crit DMG is already enough


I reached septillion with my rogue discordance orb reactor build or more. It’s crazy but I couldn’t capture the number.


Why only 20 Orb Skill ?


Would that significantly increase my damage? If I add +10 orb?


Yes. If would increase your orb MH damage by 50% . That’s pretty huge. +20 means ×2 the Mh% . 40 hero points means orb will be 3× more powerful. Not just that but increased hit frequency as well. +10 means 10% increased hit frequency. +40 means 40% increased hit frequency. The higher the hit frequency, the easier it is to defeat enemies.


Well done build. What about a gameplay?


Don’t have rooted phone


Ahhh ok which affixes should I change to put + 10 orb on?


LOL, who said you need a rooted phone to record videos?