3.0 Warrior Frozen Cross-Fire Prototype Build (Running Man 3.0)

At last i made one prototype that can handle floor 4.5k M3.


This is only prototype build that i make because lots of player requesting for warrior build that can handle 2k+ floor so i experiment and testing some affixes that i have my previous one.

It needs more improvement and some tweaks sorry for whirlwind build i tried it to this build but it easily die so i tweak and search for the build that suits high floors.

This is only prototype build but so far so good you can adjust and change some of its affix

  • Using Frozen cross-fire build fire and frozen combination with the help of crushing flames its easy to lessen the hp and frozen explosion will finish the job.

  • This is running man 3.0 build using Sprint and procs and also twister

  • The taunt is to lure mobs and explode and also luring Epic-Mythic boss enemy in the crowd area for explosion.

  • Do not use enemy heal map affix you cant kill epic bosses even cartographer.

  • This is give you some idea how to build some Warrior build that can handle high floors. Im out of crystals to improve this build so i will leave it here to give you some experiment :heart_eyes: within your journey to our DQ world

  • Must watch the video for further explanation.


woooh nice build that 100% block is <3 :heart_eyes:

with this video you can build some running man build with 100% block
and even any build i can rebuild this one prototype but im out of crystal right now

so lets the others work on it :sunglasses:

player who is warrior lover gonna love this one :heart_eyes:

That ring is so expensive… I wish I had one :cry:

you can use legend epiphany loop i love that ring because it has all i want :heart_eyes: the only ring can all around in PVE build
and you can try also the 100% Block build but the running man build have decent survival :sunglasses: notice also in the video you got hit by mobs only 200+ damage equivalence is amazing :grin:

Change Equivalence for something better. I use that build before. And I just feel uncomfortable. (Embarrassed) :joy:.

Remove 1 Crushing Flames and change it to Adventurer for higher DMG by MS.

Lastly +1 for your amazing builds. What a builder dont you lose golds or crystals ever? :joy:

Equivalence for High floors? Not really and definitely a bad idea because even if you a have a 100% DMG Reduction or 1000% (Haha just kidding), Enemies will still crush you on 1hit only and i prefer Block% or Dodge% only.

:heart_eyes: i just farm about 8 hours minimum per day and around 8-20 hours of farming if im not lazy 3-7k dust per day farming im using full max farm build 1012% and 350 drop rate :heart_eyes:

equivalence is on the test for high floors and things i notice with equivalence if the mobs are not in freeze or frozen you will one hit but if mobs are frozen and freeze you can survive but i agree its better to use dodge or block im experimenting equivalence in high floors :heart_eyes:

Those Damage tho :grinning::joy::joy:

It is ok if i change the Gold find affix in MH to Critic DMG or Critic ChaNce ?? :joy:

yup you could change it :heart_eyes: and also change the equivalence its not worth it :sweat:

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equivalence change to ? :grin::joy:

change to elem crit damage (Frosbiting 100%)

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see …crit dmg > crushing dmg
So, crit & ele dmg…Increase critical damage

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yup Crit+crushing blow is very good combination

but in this build i choose only crushing blow with crushing flames

im out of crystals in making this one so i called it prototype build unfinished build but can handle high floors need more improvement :heart_eyes:

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My pure ice build reached that damage alone with crits but crushing flames+ frozen is so much better in your case and your build investment. It’s a very awesome build. I catch those damage but never manage to screenshot.

I should probably record my updated Seasonal Maidens’ build but it’s pure ice mode.

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May i see your stat sir and what nature on the set .thanks

stats is on pure POWER and nature is 6x Element or 6x Luck i will update this build if i have enough crystals :heart_eyes:

nature of this’build ?