My 4th build in pve this is derive from the FROZEN CROSS-FIRE BUILD. Try many different combo but this is one of the best combo so far that i tested and also im loving using wizard after making 2 build of it. Burning more crystal because of testing different affixes and finally after testing and fixing some affix it burns :sunglasses:


  • Nature you can choose 6x Luck/ 6x Element/ 6x Wisdom

  • Can take up to 3.5k+ floor M3 and counting

  • Utilizing available Eternal items to be useful in making builds one of these is Loop of Epiphany and Eternal Arson

  • Meteor skill at lvl 40 and Teleport at lvl 30 and Using also Taunt for emergency lure monster.

  • Maximizing also the Talent of the wizard lots of talent is useful in this build

  • Must watch video for further explanation.

Video Uploaded:

Any comment and suggestion is much appreciated.

Hope you like it again :heart_eyes:


Awesome wow that meteor damage tho

This is Frozen Cross-Fire part 2 wizard edition and it fit im amazed also to the aoe and damage of the wizard :heart_eyes: now im convince that wiz is best for pve :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



I want a warrior build!!! Go go go :smile:

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Those meteors eats your screen! Get a bigger one! :joy::joy:

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Another awesome build bro. I have suggestion, i think its better to change 1 crushing flames to aftermath so that you dont need to change your oh special into taunt

why pierce? does it works in meteors too?

I was wondering the same and have been contemplating doing the same for some time now.

I guess it does?

This is awesome build bro.

This build is pretty powerful and really exhausted, u must spam skill continuosly :laughing:

you need taunt for legend and mythic boss to lure them in the crowd this build can stand with or without enemy heal map affix.

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yup it works if you have zenith on armor or helm 50% chance to pierce

already testing stage of warrior build but so far warrior whirlwind cant go 2.3k+ im currently experimenting to warrior to pass 3k+ floor but running out of crystal so it takes weeks to reload my crystals

Can always message me thoughts my stash is full as I haven’t started trying building… Still farming legends

UPDATE floor hiking no problem 4.2k m3 floor still dominating

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This build has the greatest potential to excel in PVE. I say there are still lot of room for improvements, but hey! Awesome work dude!



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Update of this build ?