3.0 Wizard PVE Twisting Fire-Bolt Build (video added)


video uploaded after 30mins of uploading :expressionless:


i have demonic set already in the OH combination of 300% damage when hp is below 25% demonic+execute damage 2x :sweat_smile:


Cool gameplay hahaha


Im trying to make warrior build that can go above 3k m3 do you think is that posible?


i told you you gonna like it :grin: this build is my prototype when i was completing my 1st build the frozen cross-fire.


warrior with whirlwind type cant go i have my prototype build in warrior also but sadly only 2k+ the highest possible floor for whirlwind build warrior. But domination in 1-2k floor m3, that is my experience in warrior whirlwind.


Yup, we’re the same, the only problem in the warrior is the damage and all we need to go high floor is damage hahahah


Damn. Nice Build.


thanks bro this build is one of my prototype and rouge build but i test it on wizard and its fit adjusting some of affixes but i think it need little adjustment to make it better but im running out of crystal again :slight_smile: and testing it 3days before i posted here and forgot to mention you bro for helping me in electrocution.


Yo, i don’t understand why epiphany, you don’t have 70% attack speed to increase your damage by 70% , is only cause the maximum cap increased ?


i only add that ring because it has the 3 component need in farming
blistering, elemental crit, fire damage and the slot for elixir. Loop of epiphany is good for PVE only. Its eternal so 2x option than the legend one

update for this build is 4.5k floor M3 this is the highest so far i reach im busy in pvp build lots of experiment is going on :heart_eyes:


Update of this build?


Update for this build is 4.6k floor m3 still dominating no problem so far just dont go for enemy heal affix map


Why did you use exposed? Did twister pierced?


Twister doesn’t pierce but cosmic orb can pierce as well as orb, throwsword, guidedshot , chakram and whirlingblades.

Although if he only used Twister, I don’t see how the Exposed Mythic would work. However there is a mythstones that adds 50% pierce chance to all skills and you can add 2 of them for 100% which means any skill can 100% chance to pierce.

In this case, this build has 50% pierce chance so 50% change the Twister pierced and therefore Exposed Mythic increasing damage by 50%.


Thank you for the information. I’m still familiarizing myself in this game.


Your background music remember me of ragnarok online when WoE in prontera city hahahaha…
Btw nice build…