3.0 Wizard PVE Twisting Fire-Bolt Build (video added)

Sharing my 3rd post in build now its wizard Hope you like it again :heart_eyes:

  • Using Twister skill as killing machine and Taunt as support for debuff with electrocution

  • Can dominate any floor up to 3.5k floor M3 thats my highest floor so far

  • Do not use enemy heal affix in the map you cant kill legend and mythic boss

  • Combination of fire and shock build Fester+Inferno+amplify is <3

  • Teleport and taunt is your support skill and make shock effect to make the electrocution trigger Finishing blow is twister at max lvl skill 40.

  • You can change any of the affixes for improvement.

  • Credits to @CuzegSpiked for helping me how to used electrocution.

video uploaded

Any comment and suggestion will be much appreciated


Why weaken? I think ignore resist is enough

weaken is much better than ignore resist

Bakit flasher?

easy keyboard typing :joy:

Hahhah lahat kasi ng build ko ignore resist lang sapat na sa 4k+ flr

Im using close combat elemental rogue sawa na kasi ako kakatakbo sa kalaban e hahahah

this build dont need to run just face them using taunt and twister and then teleport

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My build is dagger type wirth ascendant + arcanist + plague + crushing flames + frozen + electrocution + demonic + taunt proc + blinkstrike proc + stealth proc = easy as pressing only the mainhand primary which is quickattack

nice build there bro :grin:

Also i can easily kill mythic bosses with greatly resist and high hp regen

It was just an experiment build since im in floor 900 up until now

this build can go 2.9k floor M3 thats the highest floor of this wiz so far but i tested it to 3.5k+ m3 along with my Warrior and hireling is wizard and can kill mobs there and even carto melting :heart_eyes:

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I hope this build can help you bro

Crushing blow is the most important affix in the build but there is no monster that can be killed by just a crushing blow itself that is why you need other source of damage just like DOTs, explosions etc, but sometimes monster’s regeneration is greater than your damage so i think it’s better to have demonic set in your build. Sorry im not fluent in speaking english

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wait my video sure you will amaze :grin:

What is your base item for the amulet?

I don’t know how to record dq videos in my phone. Also i have bad connection coz im here in province :frowning:

Frightening choker- rogue haunting amulet

I see… not familiar w the item