3 new "classes"

It would be nice to have a new class to play after you get lvl 99 or just when you are a bit experienced in the game, so I tought that there should be a new “subclass” for every class.

For example,
Paladin(warrior) that would have a broadsword(mix of the sword and the axe)/axe/etc. and a shield(like the warrior’s shield)/healing statue(Yes, this idea comes from another post I made, so yes, you could again place the statue in the ground to heal your hireling while you attack ennemies)/etc.
Assassin(rogue) that has to drain their enemy’s life by “backstabbing” and then flee with teleportation or sprint.
Mage, I am lacking imagination, but it could probably be a cleric, I don’t know.


I had suggested the same. A higher type of class. Would be nice if each classes can choose two or more high class so players will have more choices and their will be a lot of variations in the battlr arena.

I wouldn’t say a “higher class” though, but an alternate form of the other classes

Yes. But why? You can’t just make classes for the sake of making classes. Can you think of any unique mechanics they can put on new weapons and offhands? Can you think of a class that us completely different than the existing classes and at the sime time fun to play?

I think three classes are all this game needs, especially since so much revolves around sets and the items themselves instead of the classes using them.

Did you read the thing? I have done this mostly for the healing and longer play and because I didn’t want to ruin the fact that there is 3 classes

But then we get to my point: Why?

Why do we need that? Making content simply for the sake of making it. There should always be new concepts involved and not recycling of existing mechanics.

Sets accomplish exactly that: They add variety without reusing mechanics. Every set affix is different. And the same goes for the 12 weapons and OHs in the game: They all have unique primary and special skills.

Why would you want to combine them? And then what would those combined classes have over the already existing classes?

I don’t want to combine them at all, I don’t want to duplicate them and I don’t want them to be different classes. If you read the first post, you’ll see that they are neither like the original class nor different. They are as I said “subclasses”.

And I am not saying that this should absolutely get added, I’m just spreading the idea.

You are totally confusing.

They are not like the original class but also not different???

Subclass??? What do you mean by that???

Totally confusing…

that is what is called 2nd Job/Class in other game :smile:

Well that was what I was saying to him. A HIGHER CLASS. But he said it is not that.

This is an awesome idea! Please devs! Hear us out T.T

i think there is example for Rouge = Chakram build BOW also Dagger and Gun 1 char different specialties.

but 2nd job will be awesome

Warrior = Paladin
Rouge = Assasin
Wiz = Warlock
this will change after 3 ascension so players are no choice to level their characters :sunglasses: this is only thoughts and some idea’s


It’d be nice if we could have classes such as… A healer, a pure summoner whom all he does is summon or something like a shaman, an actual assasin and not those unseemingly assasin-like Rogue builds or some pirate, a fighter with some ranged attacks too no matter what weapon he’d be using, something like that would be great.

I really enjoy playing healing classes in other games but I think they are the most fun (just my opinion) in multi-player games.

We added a “sort of healer” in the form of the fairy pet, but don’t know how a healer would fit in well with how DQ plays now.

We also try to add variation through class “builds” using a mixture of item affixes and talents/hero points. I hear you though, more classes would add a lot of variety to the game.


Well, you can have spells similar to Orb with living force that heals whatever it touches and having some summonlings that deal damage and heal you instead when your HP bar gets below 50%, just a thought that came in my mind just now.
And I know how you feel mate, I also love playing support/healing classes too, in every game I play I main support.

Thank you sirrr!!! Im really looking forward to it! XD

Also would it be possible if you guys could make a bluetooth connection in this game so we players can connect with our fwnds huhuh