+38 Fortune on Gear Is not Working

Hello Everyone,

Been loving the game for a few weeks (maybe a month now). Thanks to all of you for the great game.

A problem yesterday has forced me to join up and ask this question.

I was lucky early on, My first Eternal Drop was a sword with a name that I can’t quite remember with the following stats. (I think it was Eternal Stieger’s fortune)

+137ish Gold Find
+145ish Luck
+20 Fortunate
+27ish Movement Speed
+90.4 Item Drop

I pumped 20 into fortunate using a Orb Build so my basic stat’s with the addition of just that weapon was about…

190.4 Item Drop
245 luck
237 Gold Find

Plus I play on Mythic 3 (currently on floor 550+) So that boosts me further. I also have the reassured and fortunate Perks from my first 2 ascensions.

Anyways with Natures switched to Luck and Greed on most of my equipment I had approximately the following stats.

850 Luck
837 Gold Find
190.4 Item drop

This I thought this was pretty fantastic since I needed no additional slots for Gold find or Luck… Recently I found a Nadroli (sp) necklace and since somehow I’ve been lucky enough to find 5 elixir Mystones (+4 to sets). I switched to that instead of my Frightening choker. I also found a Set item Eternalized Hat so I had an added boost to the quality of Goods I Found.

Last night I found an Eternal version of the Eternalized Hat I was using. Which had 18 fortunate on it. Using it would mean I would lose the Obsidian affix +75ish HP %, but it over maxed my Movement speed (allowing me to free up a slot elsewhere), Awsome total pickup radius. I even elixered it raising my talents to 30, keep my AOE at +6 and allowing me to drop the +2 AOE I had on another item adding in the HP I Lost. But most important of all I now had 18 extra points I didn’t need to spend on fortunate. So I respected put 2 in Fortunate, maxed out my Strength, Dexterity, Almost intelligence etc, while still having 40 in orb and 40 in fortunate.

I check my gear…

I’m now about 50 points short on all the three catagories of fortunate heroic skill. Like only the first 20 points are working.

Item drop is 140.4
Luck is not maxed
Gold find is less maxed then before.

(I did make sure to change the Hat to Luck Nature as per my previous hat, so that’s not the issue)

Even though my Sword has +90.4 Item drop and my fortunate skill says I get 100% to item drop, I’m still only at 140.4. And the same is true of gold find and Luck.

Help me, I’m totally bummed. lol

OOps, forgot to mention I respec’d twice blowing about 15 million gold. Thinking that might fix it. (bad idea) lol

Heroic skills cap at 40 so this is probably why :smile:

I wish that was it. But it’s definitely not.

This is the problem in a nut shell.

My heroic skill in Fortunate is 40 (2 naturally Plus 38 from gear) which should give me.

+100% Gold Find
+100% Luck
+100% Item Find

My heroic screen confirms this.

My Eternal Stieger’s fortune grants:

+90.4% Item Find (among other things)

Yet on my stat’s page I only have a bonus of:

145.4% Item find (I was wrong yesterday when I had stated 140.4)

I’m quite obviously short 45% on Item Find. So what’s happening here is I’m only getting the benefit of 22 points in Fortunate (2 Natural + 20 from equipment). 22 points in fortunate = 45%

I’m also 45% short in Luck and Gold Find.

There appears to be a limitation where you can only receive the benefit from a maximum of 20 heroic points from gear. Yet when I look at my heroic point screen it tells me I’m getting the full benefit, yet the stat page says quite differently.

If it were by design to only allow a maximum of 20 heroic points from gear, then why would the heroic screen state the full benefit. Also what’s the point of eternal gear with such bonuses when there is no benefit of utilizing them like this.

I believe this is a bug. Look forward to hearing back from support.

Thanks Guys & Gals

Yeah 20 on gear makes sense and 20 on hero points .


Are you suggesting that 20 points max from gear is the way it supposed to work? And this is not a bug?

Just curious what your thoughts are. I’m definitely sitting in the Bug Camp on this one.


Yes. Anyways it’s easy to get 20 on hero points and you don’t really need 20 on gear . Even then 20 on gear is enough since you already get 20 from hero points