3V3 league 2hirelings

3v3 league 2hirelings

how bout 5v5 .

To have 2 hirelings its possible for the interface there are 3 faces in the pve main char left 2nd char ai middle and 3 char ai right side. Its mo fun because wizard rogue and warrior at the same time and 3v3 league

How about selecting another player as an hireling and they get an eternal chest reward

just wait for dq2, i am waiting for due que for 2x2 whid some body, i like league, messege the friend that you whant to play is like…’‘hey mr.scooty are you down for some 2x2??’’,not AI PvP, REAL PvP!!! AI for when you are offline, on and on, dq2 is going to by awsome, guid fight, new itens, possible dragon pet…, great stuf!!!, Right know i play Eternal Arena, it have all of this and a story mode to, for now i play only Eternal Arena, i spend some buck’s on the game like i spend for dq, when dq2 come out i will compare what is the best, because Eternal Arene is realy wel build and is realy fun, a troll alot in ranked match, the game is just nutt’s, of corse in the beginning of the game is real boring, later in level’s, power spikes on runes, heros, star’s on heros, god itens, the game is blast!! in my point of view as a consumer i spend money in what i like to play like any player, and DQ2 is on very hight on my expectations because i play dq since the beginning and became a crazy game, so crazy that i buy all thing’s that the game have exept gold and some buff’s, i got cazy and i have a 2 account whid some vanity’s that i buy for her, my 2 account is in eternal league some were in 2 our 3 div, i don’t chek that account in moth’s, this what dq make me fell good on, i help the developer’s as a player, now dq2 is in my view for the future! i will tag @tdaniel just for he look a my promoting another game in this forum!!

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Dq2 :slight_smile:

Do dq2 is same account or needs to make new account all new?