45% crit chance or 25% Coat proc?

Which is the best ??
25%Coat proc gain 100%chance for critical
Saves crystal affix slot
45% Crit chance save one legend affix ??

Btw without rage set :laughing:

Hmmm interesting…

One can inflict Elem Crit but low chance to proc…

The other has higher chance to Crit but cant elem crit…

W/O Rage, Coat Proc > Crit Chance!

This is my opinion though…

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easy choice. 2x Coat Proc saves 1 slot for elem crit and 1 slot for crystal affix

although there are some skills that would be more suited crit chance

Thanks for opinion sir same opinion with me😆

With opinion and tips from this forum
I have an idea what build i will create and i post this of i finish that build :laughing:

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What do you mean? sorry im just new. if im not mistaken from what you said, if you have 25% coutproc your crt chance is increase to 100%? and what about 45% crt chance? how do you save one legend affix?

Coat weapon = next attack to critical
It means next attack is 100% critical chance

45% crit chance is a crystal affix and you dont need to put legend affix coat proc

Interesting question. Depending on the build, usually 45% crit chance because on stat page, it shows up as 55% chance to crit which feels like near 100% in real time attacking. Coat proc I think you could use but it may take more slot to replace the 45% crit chance.

One question though. When I choose 45% crit chance, the DMG of skills seem to increase in stat page. Why? My theory is that stat page is showing the skills DMG in crit DMG form (without the extra crystal affix crit). Crit Chance doesn’t actually increase skill DMG directly but stat page shows power and skill DMG increase because I believe it shows the possible DMG in crit form.