50% push the limit or 100% Ed?

what should i choose 50%Push the limit or 100% Ed? wich one deal more dmg?

Always depends on build.
If u choose push the limit . it boost all dmg/totaldmg . wd/ed/proc. Negative effect .It Cost more energy consumption . unlike 100% elemdmg it will boost your elemdmg w.o negtive effect but if the enemy high in resistant beter to choose push th limt. Or make combo on negative effect …thtwill be useful o your playstyle. Mke sense.
BA-push the limit . pve-100% elemdmg coz u can use ignore resistant thre.

i have already 200 Ed% . i used effective, not ignore resistant. i only had 1 choice, what should i choose? push the limit or ed%?

For pve i will choose 100-300% elemdmg . :slight_smile: . with effective/ignore resistant .

Both in pve but ptl in pvp. :wink::wink::wink:

50% Push the Limit increases the skill MH% and OH% (Mainhand and Offhand % base values such as 750% MH meteor) by 50%.

For example I have 750% meteor. With 50% Push the Limit: 750%×1.5= 1125% MH. That can make a huge difference in DMG as you can deal more damage at the start before multiplication from Sets, Affixes, Crits, Mythics and even Deadly Strikes.

Push the Limit works like the Identity Set but the difference is that it works on any class skill and the only cost is actually making your skill casting by mana 50% more expensive. It’s almost a must have set, even in some PvP builds.

If you use Both PTL and ED%:

Also ED% increases the WD% and BWD by multiplication so if you have 300%, the BWD and WD% is increased by 300%. Then that gets casted by the skill that was buffed by Push the Limit and that’s before any other Multiplication such as Glasscannon, Crits, Mythics and Sets.

Inserts Why Not Both? meme.

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