6/7 Deadly sin set

Got my merlin. All legend, still eaiting for my amulet MWAHAHAH


sweet! most players get the other 6 Items before they ever get the Merlin Imp. really awesome!

Yeah. Im still waiting for my necklace. Im on 800ish floor ugh.

I had all of the 7DS Items about a year or so before I got my first Merlin. if you are farming like crazy, you will probably wont end up waiting very long until you get it.

Im just climbing floors til i come up with an interesting build. My hopes and dreams for my chakram build all washed to drain xD HAHAHAH. Scattershot + very high chakram dmg + discordance. I just didnt thought that EAC and MA will all go to special skill. So sad. I can try again without the discordance but thats very different with th 1050% MH dmg xD

when you use Discordance, the Special Skill is now your Primary Skill. you can use +Attack Speed, Multi Attack, Extra Attack Chance with it. it gets the Primary Skill Mana Cost and damage. the only thing I don’t know is if Specialist affix still works with it.

the Primary Skill becomes the Special Skill. it now uses the Special Cool Down and damage. it can still use the Skilled Mythic (the Special that is the Primary now can’t)

Hero Skills follow the Skill. so if you used Discordance with a Staff, with Meteor being your Primary now and Comet being your Special, Comet Skill will only work with Comet and Meteor Skill will only work with Meteor.

Boomerang Discordance with Scattershot…
you get the 1050% weapon dmg for Boomerang and a 3 second Cooldown. you can still use Skilled Mythic for +50% damage. one of the things with Boomerang Skill is that you get the Mana cost reduced 1% per Rank, and with Boomerang 40 the weapon damage will be 3150% x 1.5 with Skilled for 4725%!. with Element Set you can have a 37.5% chance to have an extra Boomerang cast for free that does the same damage as the original but with a different Element. and the extra damage done in a mob with the Piercing damage… :smiling_imp: !

as you can see, l like using Chakram also!

Add +mirrorcast 25% on MH and OH. 50% mirrorcast and youll get xtra boomerang flying. HAHAH

What i learned is that mirrorcast is for both primary and special skill. While specialcast is only for Special skills. Element on the other hand works like mirrorcast.

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Here’s my souvenir set that I never use, but it’s fun to have.

Eternal Merlin’s Imp, where are you??


Omg. HAHAHAH the great farmer @djc and the walking DQ dictionary @golem. You are all the best.

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you have to find an Item with Mirrorcast because you can’t roll it with Ruby. which sucks because it’s such a great affix.

I would probably just use 1 Mirrorcast with Elements (5) with the Discordance Boomerang and Periphery Set (5) with 20-40 Blindside Talent.

I would use Arcane Element so I could get Orbit (Arcane Elemental Crit) with a bunch of Celestial (Arcane Elemental Crit Dmg) affixes boosting damage and Living Force for even more damage when both Orbit and Chakram return.

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Yeaaah thats that +Ballista and kaboom!


I’m Still finding this and I’m hoping its an eternal legend one not the normal legend

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This is my problem as well…I really, really want that Eternal Imp to complete the set!