6k hp vs 1M hp

Wow how did this guy reach 1M hp

Good thing he doesn’t have much damage though hahaha

he puts all things on HP. but not on Powah! ooooops wrong move.

@Shield_Hero :joy:


Long time not see that ai…
How much u have gif @kiane_zaine… rofl

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@brang :rofl: yeah. i remember and encountered that player countless times. it was long ago. it took so many round to beat that player. lol.

1m hp but the dmg are very lower so far. :slight_smile:

it is a trade off, Damage or Defense. Damage PVP Build need to kill fast or end up :skull_and_crossbones:. Defense PVP Build needs a lot of Ties to build up DMG to kill before the enemies DMG overcomes their Defense, or they end up :skull_and_crossbones:.


I agree with @Golem. These days I go for power to start with. Then everything else is defence and evasion and hp boost. But even boosted my hp looks crap in arena.

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A very high hp build with vampiric touch may be scary I suppose.