holy shizzle I think I just got the most godly pet in the history of ever perfect affixes wise

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Wow this would be a really good pet for warriors

This is an insane pet for anything tbh

I’m jealous! My Lilith dropped with +HP Regen -.-

Could’ve been eternal. :wink:

Very true but I mean if it had I would have preferred to use that luck on a lottery ticket : P

Hahaha… Yeah. Then you could just but shinybox. :smiley:

I don’t know about that but I’m p sure I wouldn’t do anything with out literally every boost active always : P

Your fucking lucky!

You can say that again

lmao you know in case I needed one for my hireling/2v2 partner as well and somehow this one is also p damn good

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I hate when legend pets drop with class talents. Waste of a slot on other classes :frowning:

Love your profile picture. Also, how do you get pets so fast? I’ve only ever gotten one legend pet, and it was a shitty Eternal Sera. I do get quite bored rapidly with video games anymore.

Thanks < 3 probably gonna update it too the eternal 69 in a couple hours when I reach it I really like the purple they used though so I may change it back long term
And not gonna lie absolute shear dumb fuckin luck the first was a 150 enslavers but this one was just a random lucky drop

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I need an auto-farm option. Haha. I get so bored.

Yeah I don’t blame you sometimes farming is just dull as hell I find for me it helps with dungeon quest atleast too not nessecarily do the most effecient thing possible and just create the most rediculous farm build that you can so that you can have some more fun while doing it

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I think I’m getting out of gaming, sadly. All I usually do anymore is binge until I know enough about a game, and then I become part of the community by helping, conversating, etc. I love this game, nonetheless.

Fair enough

I can’t get over your picture. It reminds me of one of my best friends. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

EHEHEHE what’s theirs?