9 Billion damage with this?

@Golem inspired me to give this a try.

Playing around with my inventory I was able to capture 9 Billion damage with Scalp and near max Luck and Item Find. I hit 14B with the red shrine, but wasnt able to capture the screenshot.

Apparently, Luck, Item Drops, Eternalized and a Faun’s Gifts pet with 1 damage affix is the path to victory. :laughing::trophy:

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was the 14 billion teal like in the screen shot or white or purple? Teal numbers usually refer to Crushing Blow damage. Crit damage of any kind would be Purple, so it includes Deadly Strike & Brutal. White is any other damage.

with Plagued, if you rushed through the map getting enemies poisoned, with enough of them poisoned, you could end up getting a Toxic/Blight DoT damage that gets a critical hit for a billion+ damage. especially since you got a Red Damage Shrine!

and that looks like a great Farm Build.

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The vast majority of my high damage hits are with CB.

If you want consistent 5B damage, use a dead hireling.


Imma try copy this lmao (bad choice that i made)

Nvm can’t find that dam Scorpio in Book, idk to find it

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It started out as Scorpio, but was crafted to my liking. The reason why I chose Scorpio is because of the rare Legend affix that does double the weapon damage compared to the same rollable Epic affix.



Now i can’t find Clasp Of terror, great :neutral_face:

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@DJC i ended up with this… I messed up alot… I don’t have the dust to craft Legend Scorpio and i also
poor on mythstones
And there you go the result are pretty noice

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Clasp of Terror can only be found using Rogue. Like Scorpio, I started my crafting with this piece because of the Haunting Bonus affix that is only found on this item.
Haunting Bonus is a great way to add 100% to total damage. It requires Clearcast to activate, which will take up 2 slots with the Legend affix, or Clarity mythstones. The only exception is an Eternal item with Legend Clearcast which can give 40% on a single affix.
Clearcast is a great affix in itself, so it makes the slot usage well worth it.

I alr got da Clasp


Couple things to mention. Perhaps the single most important affix for Scalp is Cooldown. Try to get it down to 0.6 sec.
Also, the only reason why I put all hero points into Power was for the sole purpose of trying to achieve billions of damage.
As a purely Scalp offensive build, depleted MP becomes an issue. As a workable overall build, try to balance out HP, MP, and Power.

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when you can’t find an Item in one Classes LegendEx List, just look in the other lists for the other 2 Classes (because of Jasper Crystal). some Items can only be found in one or two of the Classes, and some Items that are in two or all three Classes might have different affixes from one Class to another. Frost Raven Ring for Warrior has Block, but Wizard & Rogue Frost Raven don’t.

Atleast this set doing their job pretty good… (My old damage is really bad or 1m)