9K dust later

Took a lot of rolls but I was able to get this beauty. Too bad attack speed didn’t get a crystal roll but oh well.


Nice. Glad I’m not the only one who burns dust on prayer rolls.

Best use of dust IMO and best part of 3.0 patch

I do that all the time. I would be surprised if somebody didn’t do it.

Hey cuzegspiked, do you know if the stat cap for weapon damage is 400%?

200% for Legend and 400% for Eternal 3.0 before 100% for Legend and 200% for Eternal

Is that for one affix slot or total max on gear? I have a 50% mythstine in an eternal with 400% weapon damage weapon and the stat page isn’t working properly as it shows 100 for weapon damage

hard work paid off


Good morning!
On eternals, it´s not possible to reroll with diamond or?

And btw… really good roll :slight_smile:

Nope can’t changes affixes on eternals. You can use the sockets, change element, and change nature only. If the eternal has 4 slots you can add a mythic then add epic or rare affixes in the new empty slots.

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Should have used Crystalline while trying to get crystal affix on that Eternal axe.

Does that work??

Ya lol. I tested this many times on trying to get crystal eternal and it does seem to indeed work but I could just as likely be wrong since the description of crystalline doesn’t imply it but then again, I did find lots of crystal legends from Vendor and arena chests. I found a much higher success rate than without crystalline. Or maybe I’m just lucky and I’m wrong since Crystalline sounds like it only affects drops.

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Ill try it tho thanks for the tip also with eternalized.

With 100% barbarian how can he still use his skill?? Does it need to put a lot pf resource cost also?

You can’t if you have 1 MP. It’s better off to use 90% barbarian or something because you can’t cast with just 1 MP. Resource cost would definitely help though .

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Ow thanks!

100% barbarian is only useful if you only need to spam a primary skills and also use the fury mythic.

I have this baby on my twister wizard. With discordance and one 250 months per hit and one 500 mo regen affix I am able to use twister with 80% barbarian (I also have 100 ptl). I can use 3-4 before running dry if I hit nothing but if I hit any mobs my mp stays topped off.

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I tried using Crystalline and Eternalized in a set while crafting eternals and after 15tries I didn’t get any cyan affixes. But, when I farm, I find at least 1 eternal with cyan affix every 4 maps. I think craft and drop affix rolls are different or am I wrong lol idk