A few questions about damage, talents, and other things

  1. For the Assault talent, how is the damage of it calculated? Is it based on main hand weapon? Or off hand weapon?

  2. Do poison/fire/bleed damage crit? Are the damage of these based on the weapon it came from? Do they stack when coming from different weapons?

  3. Does crushing blow crit?

  4. Is it possible to roll %Block on other gear besides shield?

  5. Can you go over the attack speed cap using Frenzy?

  6. If a gear has %reflect damage, do you need to have a point in Reflect to use it?

I guess
1 main hand
2 idk xD maybe yes
3 i think yes
4 yes
5 i dunno how much cap is but i got max block 75% it wont go over it
6 not needed

XD i hope i help u

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All great questions!

Assault adds a “proc” effect for the skill “Toss” essentially, and all procs use main hand damage.

They do not crit like normal damage does. Their critical effects are Toxic/Immolate/Paralysis/Freeze. All the DoT effects do stack even though you only see one effect at a time on the enemy. The DoT damage is based on the skill/weapon that dealt the damage.

Nope! The tradeoff on Crushing Blow is that it can be insanely powerful on high health bosses, but it also overrides any Crit/deadly strike that you might have had when Crushing Blow occurs.

Not on normal items, but on Legends they can.


It should work without any Reflect points.

Alright thanks for the answers!

I have returned with a few more questions!

  1. Does the bonus luck from challenge maps affect enchanting? Luck shrine?

  2. How does Electrified work exactly? I can’t really tell if its working.

  3. How does Vampiric Touch work? Is it sacrificing 50% of my bleed damage to heal me? I’ve also noticed that the sword Hunger reduces my health regen to 0. Is this an intended mechanic?

  4. Do all damage sources proc Crushing Blow?

  5. Assault takes the element of the off hand weapon. So would elemental damage, like fire or poison, still be based off mainhand weapon damage?

  6. Will we see an enchant to re-roll only talents in the near future?

Electrified is so dam good… I have robe & staff with nadroj ring set+2 i got electrified 4… Reflects 850% dmg and add area effect… I dont use it because i lose 8 archmage stats xD

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Nope! The map rewards only affect the reward at the end. Luck Shrine does help.

When you take damage from an enemy, if you have Reflect Damage and Electrified, the reflect damage is spread to all enemies around you.

Let’s say you deal 10000 bleed damage and you have 50% bleed chance. 1 Piece of Vampiric Touch would increase your life by 50%, heal you for 5000hp each bleed damage tick, and reduce your HP regen to 0.

All sources except DoT damage.

Yup and that’s technically a bug, should use the mainhand’s element.

Yep, in patch 1.6 :smile:

Again, thanks for the answers!

what a thread, nearly got a heart attack of satisfaction for reading q&a here. lol. DQ rocks!

Yep, in patch 1.6 :smile:[/quote]


Any chance we could get a sneak peek at the planned enchantment changes? Remove element (revert to Arcane) has been on my list for a while… although, I’m not sure what you’d do with items that have +Elemental Critical, except maybe to add one for Arcane.