A few questions. I'm new

K so I’m new and have a few questions.

  1. I’m seeing a lot about needing builds, but right now I’ve found several legendaries but I quickly find other items which outclass them so should I actually be doing builds or just throwing on what I get till my items are lvl 100 and I can actually make a viable build which does not soon get outclassed?
  2. I’m assuming there is no way to unlock a second character to use as a hireling besides paying? And if not how?
  3. What should I be placing my hero points in? I believe I have 21 currently. Right now I’m doing a wizard summoner build and all my points are in summon and command. The summons one shot everything, but it’s really not that fun of a build cuz I just run around and let the summons do the work.
  4. How should stat points be allocated? So far I’ve been putting one in each every level. It’s made me relatively tanky, but I’m lacking in power a bit because of it. I have good regen and restore on hit for both mana and Hp so I rarely drop below 95% hp or mp. But my attacks do not hit very hard. I rely fully on my summons for damage.
  5. I have a cartographer map. Should I just be running those or should I be doing normal levels?

For 1, 3 &4:

For 2: yes you would need to spend a dollar.

For 5: go ahead and use the cartographer map. Use larimar on it until you get Pack size and then use diamond to increase the % above 100, then use it. Want more maps? Buy em in the shop.

  1. Wait until you’re at least level 99 floor 200+ and have a good stock of resources

  2. Extra character slots can only be unlocked through purchase they cost a whole 99¢ it’s an incredibly expensive purchase :stuck_out_tongue:

  3. Anything you want too they’re easy too respec later!

  4. Doesn’t really matter too you right now it’ll matter more when you make a build and want them specef a certain way

  5. Definitely the cartographer maps!

Hope this helps out :+1: :smile: