A few suggestions!

Hi, I love this game so much and I have some suggestions for you guys to make it even better.

1/ I’m using a tablet and I always turn on the map. The map is too big for me and it took a lot of space on screen. Can you make an option to display the mini map on the top left (below the health bar, of course).
2/ More equipment to boost up my stats like cape, gloves, shoes :mrgreen:
3/ Customize my equipment’s color.
4/ Avatars (wings, eyes and stuff) that could be purchased with gold coins.

Sorry for my bad English :smile:

  1. Yes! Minimap improvements coming next patch
  2. Noted :smile:
  3. We’d like this as well, but would take a bit of time with how we did models
  4. We had a plan for that this last patch but didn’t have time, will hopefully get to that this next patch.