A little help please

I’m level 98 and on floor 204 but my gear is weak. I’m new. Only played for a couple weeks and was wondering if anyone could give me some good ideas about where to loot and what should I be looking for. I’m playing a warrior and I know about the codex but it’s sooo overwhelming for someone so new to know what goes well with what. Any tips would be greatly appreciated my friends. Thank you in advance!

You should ask @CuzegSpiked or @Griffin

Ok. Next question…I have no idea how to ask them…I’m not too savvy on the ways of forums lol

Ill try to get cuzeg to help

+100 cool points to you good sir :slight_smile:

Thank you good sir

Here you go look at this for help


Thank you again friend. Hopefully I can make sense of it.

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You can post a new topic if you need help or just search your same problem in the forums ( This website ).

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Hi. I clicked the link but it said that this thread didn’t exist when it did.

Yeah I’m sure you will :smile: . If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the question thread or create a topic for your question.
After all, even the greatest start off from the beginning and sometimes ask the most questions, hence the existence of the question thread.

As for what I’d say since you reached floor 204 and level 98. I’d say just keep floor climbing until floor 500, but on very easy mode. Why?

You’ll get some amount of high rarity crystals on the way since tier rarity increases per floor and the same with mythstones so you have a higher chance on getting valuable mythstones.
Not only that but you’ll get some powerful legends that you can still get on the easiest mode such as Aether Wrap and Aether Hat with ED% and even the Mythical Helm/Weapon for easier mythstone findings due to Mythical Set affix as well as Scoundrel Swords with WD% on it.

100% ED is very important after all for a majority of builds and in the meantime climbing floors, you’d get some amount of Fortune Mythstones which you can save up for a farm build with Item Drops and higher rarity mythstones you ought to keep as well as Quest stones for Exp farming.

Also a chance to find a couple of amethyst’s , rubies and obsidians for adding legend affix, crystal affix or set affix and to help save up for future builds.

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Thank you my friend! That was EXACTLY the kind of help I was needing! I didn’t know if I should farm certain floors or what because I was playing on Mythic 1 and at floor 204 the difficulty ramped up considerably. I appreciate the feedback.


You’re welcome. Anyways manually floor climbing helps learn a bit of things and gets enough mythstones, crystals and legends for preparation of the EXP Ascension Build and for preparation of a first farm build. Doing it on very easy mode or higher as long as you do well :smile:.


Cuzegspiked sure is a good person…


Good luck have fun farming
Lets hope RNGesus is fair to you

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fingers crossed

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What kind of build are you gonna make

Try living force and orb proc.in your farming and a little bit explosive… :slight_smile: im on floor 1204 with my build.

I will definitely try that build! I’m still so new so I’m still pretty much trying everything lol

Good luck