A Map Legend

A map usually has a symbols or something that tells us the location of items.

You could put C for Cartographer, E for Enslaver, S for Shrines, a pink dot to symbolize hp/hp pool, yellow dot for treasure chests.etc

This way, players can floor hike or hunt enslavers much easier.


Cartographers are already at the Green Dot on Challenge Maps, and I would love to know where the Shrines are, as finding them after I have cleared most of the map makes me sad. having everything else in an unknown location on the map is part of the fun. a toggle button for when people want to farm Enslavers for Pets would be a good idea, or maybe showing the location of Enslavers for people who get the 1 hour Monster Boost.
personally, I think if I knew where everything was all the time, it might make it harder for me to handle surprises when they show up in the game. like falling Furies, or tunneling Worms, or mobs of monsters showing up from the completion of the Monster Feats while I am fighting the Enslaver I am farming for. :wink:

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i dont think anyone wants or needs DanGoonz c3p0, but showing shrines on map would be a damn great thing.